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Dear WYLDones,

Happy March 2021! Not only can’t I believe that it is 2021 but also how since the time Loo and I were searching for a home for WYLD back at the end of 2017 - how much time has really really passed and how the make-up of the Joo Chiat Hood has evolved. And even more blown away to think I used to reside in Joo Chiat Lane 8 years ago!!!!! CRAY- CRAY!!! ( but in a positive way)

Regardless of these strange Covid times, it is normal for places to of course change over time. But this strip of road that used to be lined with busy KTV Pubs with a bustling nightlife vibe to all hours of the morning is now lined with an assortment of Fashion and Lifestyle Boutiques, Concept Stores, Cool Furniture Shops, Hair and Nail Salons, a Variety of Local & Western style Cafes & Restaurants as well as a great mix of Fitness Options - from Barre to Boxing - Taekwondo to Muay Thai - YOGA & Pilates. 

It really has become quite the street and man are we lurrrrving it. Loo and I really had taken a chance on Joo Chiat back in early 2018 as we had been running WYLD (don’t mind the pun) from my house (s) for approx 6 years prior and we knew we needed to find a space stat, so we were grateful that all our stars aligned and we found 412 which is proudly now our WYLD home. And equally grateful for all who visit us and have supported us all these years…(thank you SO much, hope you all know who you are!) 

So a few Monday’s ago the crew and I finally took a lil’ walk up the #JCR (Joo Chiat Road) and we took some snaps inside and outside some of our fave places. We had lunch at the Vietnam joint with the pretty coloured lanterns which is called Vietsea located on the corner of Joo Chiat Road and Koon Seng Road where the famous “Joo Chiat Shop Houses” are ~ which are a must see for all who visit this heritage listed site. They are super popular for that fun and funky #Instashot as the colours are so vibrant and contrasty.  

But just to wind back the clock, we started our day off having our Weekly Crew Meeting at the awesome C Cafe ( best Oat Milk Flat white on the east coast in my opinion) and always Super Duper friendly attentive service. They have a mean (aka yummy) avo toast which is always presented so beautifully, fab toasties with a decent filling & yummy fresh juices that don't cost the earth. 

 As we meandered up the street we stopped and took some street side pix and browsed inside some of our fave new shopping spots like La Tienda and Tiger and Arcadia.  It not only makes it convenient for us now to go shopping, having more boutiques on the east means more variety, which gives people all over the island more of a reason to come explore the area! So more the merrier we say!! And it really does remind me of shopping back home in Australia where there are loads of little boutiques and coffee shops in suburban neighbourhoods . 


What is also wonderful about having all these different stores like the ones just mentioned, us, The AC and now Lims  as well as the fantastic and famous Cat Socrates is that everyone has something different to offer and we get exposed to many new and exciting Fashion and Lifestyle brands from Local Artisans to International Designers. 

The Joo Chiat Area has I think always been known for it's variety of cuisines. From local Peranakan dishes, to prata or prawn noodle with the famous Alibaba Hawker and Dunman Food Centre about a km distance apart. Now as of March 2021 we are really spoilt for choice with the largest Little Farms Grocer Opening up with bar and full restaurant attached as well as our very own Butcher right next door to us and let's not forget a little further down is a little hole in the wall that only do takeaway yummy coffee and small bites - but they keep us well and truly stocked in Cheese and Charcuterie - they're name is Lush Platters ~ you're welcome ;)  How lucky are we with such an amazing mix of local and western choices!! 



 We are really really just so thrilled that we can be part of a growing community and see so many businesses have an opportunity to thrive despite these weird, wild and unprecedented times. And we wish all our fellow fantastic neighbours a phenomenal year.  So below is a consolidated list of our favourite places to dine, shop, explore and workout. 

Please feel free to drop in any time and share with us your favourite spots in the Joo Chiat Hood!!

ENJOY the rest of your week ~ as always we look forward to seeing you at THE WYLD SHOP soon!!

Kb xoxo 


Homeground Coffee Roasters 

Sinpopo Brand  

Little Farms 

Mr and Mrs Mohgan Super Crispy Roti Prata 

Long Phung

Loving Hut 

Burger and Frites 

Thunder Tea Rice  

The Cider Pit 

Choice Cuts 

Awfully Chocolate 


Sinapore Trading Post 

China Collection 

A Vintage Tale 




Spaces Co-Working 

Bike Repair Man 

Joo Chiat Shop Houses 

The Barkery

Embrace Physiotherapy

The Butcher Box 


Samsara Wellness 

Expat Hair Studio 

BreakFast at Fluffy’s Boutique Pet Hotel & Grooming 

Wagging Rights 



Inspire Fitness 

Sacred Funk Yoga and Breathing Room 

Spartans Boxing 

The Strength Yard 

Capoeira & Yoga Academy


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