7 Makeup Looks we LOVE in 2020

Dear WYLDones,

Hope you all had a great weekend out and about or just chilling at home! 

Over that past few months stuck in lockdown, I've been playing with makeup more and more, just to express my creativity and almost as a way to release stress during this time of uncertainty.

Now that our lockdown has finally ended and we are able to go out again (YAYY!) there's no better time to try out one of these funky makeup looks and give yourself a new post lockdown look!

We know that most of you are busy mums wanting a quick and easy makeup look to get you up and ready for the day! A few of these looks are perfect "get up and go looks". Soap brows and a load of blush will have you ready to conquer the day!

But, if you are keen to go out of your comfort zone and have some time up your sleeve, dive on in and experiment with some of these looks. If you're game you could also give some coloured lashes or floating liner a go. Rock up to work with a fun new look now that Phase 2 of the reopening has finally arrived!!


Fox Eye

First off, we have the "Fox Eye" trend, been seen on Kendall Jenner, and pretty much everyone has tried it.

The trend uses eyeshadow to elongate the eye and created a lifting effect on the face.

This has been my favourite look at the moment, as it's super easy and makes me look effortlessly polished, perfect for a zoom date!




Coloured Lashes

This trend has been seen throughout each fashion show during fashion week 2020.

Instead of eyeshadow, makeup artist use coloured false eyelashes/ mascara to achieve a funky different look.

This look is so cool! I love how easy and different it is. It's a statement without being too much.






    Floating Eyeliner

    This look is simply placing your eyeliner above the crease of your eye, giving big 60s vibes.

    I personally love this look and have for years. With so many different coloured eyeliners, or simply a black floating wing. This look can be dressed up or down but still pulls inspo from fashion roots in history 






    Soap Brows

    Carrying on from the fluffy brows trend made popular in 2019.

    This look involves using a bar of soap to hold the brows in place to achieve the fluffy, model off duty vibe.

    This is my favourite "model off duty" vibe, its so easy and makes such a big difference, even if you don't have any other makeup on.





    Blush Draping

    This trend basically uses blush to contour your face.

    It involves bringing blush much higher onto the cheekbones and even the temple area to give the youthful glow.

     I never used to wear blush, I thought it was too much and made me look like a clown, but recently it has become my favourite product! 

    I absolutely love how I can sculpt my face with blush and still look realistic.




      Vampy Makeup 

      A classic dark eyeshadow look is the way to make a statement without trying too hard.

      This look is very 80s inspired and is super trendy right now.

      Dark eyeshadow is always my go-to, It is easy and it sexy without being too much. I absolutely love that this is trending right now!





      Glossy Lids

      Adding a simple lip gloss to the eyes is the key to this trend.

      It can make any simple eyeshadow look, a high fashion editorial inspired makeup style. 

      Glossy lids are such a high fashion inspired look, that can easily be put into your makeup routine for a funky but super simple look.



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