Q & A with Blogger Uli

Uli wearing Optical Illusion Maxi Dress.

Uli wearing Optical Illusion Maxi Dress.

Sweetheart is definitely one of the first words that come to mind when the name Uli Chan is mentioned. A blogger, full-time student and a make-up artist were only a few elements that intrigued us about Uli and our team have just had the privilege of working with her on our recent campaign "Calm amongst the Chaos" .  
What we love about her blog, ULIMALI is the way she shares her journey with her audience. Her writing is very sincere and she vividly describes  things loves with humour. We admire her approach to fashion because it resonates well with us, she is eclectic, adventurous and her photography exudes femininity with a real urban edge. 

Uli wearing 8 Other Reasons Unforgettable Ear Cuff and Beaded Neckline Printed Top.

Uli wearing 8 Other Reasons Unforgettable Ear Cuff and Beaded Neckline Printed Top. 

 She spends some time with our Director, Kb and shares some insightful answers to her quick Q & A. 

tWs: Have you faced any challenges when writing your blog? Tell us about them
Uli: Yes. I think the biggest challenge for me is getting quality photos and meaningful content, basically the ability to translate  my visions and thoughts into something that is relatable for my viewers. People usually underestimate the time and effort that goes into a blog post/ write up. 
tWs: I love that your blog name was inspired by the nickname your Dad gave you as a little girl, does Ulimali have a special meaning?
Uli: Thank you :) Yes, the name was randomly I guess churned out by my dad but it does not have any special or hidden meaning. It is just something that seemed fun to say, unique and memorable. Hence, I've stuck to this name since. Plus my name Uli is pretty short, it always feels nice to add something extra fancy to my name!
tWs: You're studying Fashion Media, what aspect of your course do you love the most? 
Uli: The one thing I appreciate most is the fact that I am learning what I really care about. I think not many students can say that they love what they're learning in school, especially in an academic focused education in Singapore. I am almost always in touch with art and fashion, whether it's in school or leisure and I really like that.
tWs: Any tips on how you balance your School Life at Lasalle and writing your blog?  
Uli: This is hard...because the truth is there's hardly a balance. I believe that my school work comes before my blog, simply because I'm paying to learn something from the college. I never want to sacrifice my education. However, I do have some tips and they are 1) Plan in advance and 2) Only take on what you can handle. I blog less frequently during my school term and much more during holidays. 
tWs: Which other fellow bloggers out there do you admire?
Uli: Locally, I really enjoy Missing Avenue by Melody (@meowiie). This Singapore blogger's documentation of fashion and travel is a dream to take in. I am also a huge fan of Gary Pepper Girl by Nicole Warne for her super polished looks infused with an Asian flair (yes to Aussie style!) Other instagrammers I'd like to mention are @tealecoco and @kkwweeezzyy.
tWs: Do you have a place in the world you would like to travel to, and why? 
Uli: Currently, I would love to travel to Japan as I have never been there and have always wanted to sleep in a capsule hotel! I have heard so many things about Shibuya and Harujuku, can't wait to see them for myself!
tWs: Where is your favourite hotspot to eat in Singapore? 
Uli: Bugis area! There are many Thai restaurants, dessert stalls and coffee hideouts...all of my favourite things to nom.
tWs: You are also a Freelance Makeup artist - where did you learn your skills? 
Uli: Yes! I learnt my skills from books, Youtube tutorials and a few professionals I've met along the way. Practicing on friends also helped me earn about techniques in application as well as how products function on skin.
tWs: 3 things that inspire you the most?
Uli: My close friends, music currently playing and vintage fashion.

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i remember uli. she was a mere 13 year old schoolgirl when i had the opportunity to teach her. happy she found her groove!

Elijah Chai August 11, 2014

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