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Dear WYLD ones,
I have just returned from a brief trip to Oz and one of my rituals of travelling is to indulge myself with a couple of the Aussie weekly gossip mags…. just like every other time I indulge it always inspires me to write… this time I feel I have no excuse to share my thoughts… now that I have actually started a blog.
So upon reading them this time round, as I flicked and read through all the pages of “goss” I became self-aware and pondered on the thought of why I actually buy these mags and why I am SO interested to know! And why in general are people so interested in other’s lives i.e “celebrities” & “famous” people.
Although just a minor indulgence while flying to pass the time (was flying Scoot airlines so no chair back entertainment) I actually enjoy immersing myself in the world of celebrity, knowing that most of what I read is BS (as we shouldn’t believe everything we read in the tabloids) either way it has inspired me to think about how seeing the lives of celebrities really shape our attitudes to aspects of our own lives, our bodies, our relationships, our health and our careers. Hubby has commented once or twice questioning me “ why do you look up to and idolize those Kardashian women? I always reply with “I don’t idolize them at all but I am fascinated by the way they live their lives”. So is it pure fascination because their reality is so far removed from my own? A fascination with how they look / dress, who they are dating /divorcing? Or am I just a nosey parker who thinks she needs to know what these people get up to?
With social media platforms like Instagram these days we get a live feed from our fave celebs and allllllll the other people we can “follow”. We have first hand knowledge on what they get up to as they share intimate pics from their lives that a few years back, wasn’t done. Which could lead me onto another blog topic for a later date, Over-sharing and under-sharing on Social Media.
So in all honesty, to answer my own questions, I am definitely a nosey parker who likes to know the ins and outs of our beloved Hollywood celebs (as sometimes I talk about them like I know them personally haha) I am fascinated with how they look / dress but basically I like to read and look at pics of celebs because it reminds me that nobody’s life is perfect, everyone in this world has their “#$%!” even ones with fame & squillions of $$, cos after all they are only human. It generates a feeling of gratefulness for all the cool people and things going on in my life and not to take them for granted. 
So WYLD ones what I guess I am trying to say, is let’s make sure we look to our celebs for the right reasons. Let’s make sure that the reasons we’re putting these people up our private pedestals are for positive reasons. Not to make us feel bad about ourselves or feel negative about our lives but to be drawn in and be inspired to be strong and confident, to take risks, to work smarter not harder, to love and be loved or make important lifestyle changes that will enhance the way we live our lives and not diminish them. Sooo....
Be who you wanna be
I’d really love to hear your thoughts on who your fave celebs are, who you follow and why  you put them up on a pedestal, or how do they inspire you to live your life more positively? Or perhaps share with me your fave source for Celeb goss and why you think people are intrigued by celebrities??
And ps: The Oz weekly mags like FAMOUS & OK! Mag Australia aren't just a great source for the celeb goss, they are a fab way for me to keep up with what's in Aussie Style! Click the link to check out their online sites. 
♥ Kb xx


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kb your my favourite celebrity and yes your just a nosey parker as am i!! haha however whilst we indulge ourselves in the lives of others we must be introspective and wonder if perhaps it is filling a void of our own.

for me i wish i had unlimited cash flow, a mercedes, unlimited lunch dates with unlimited champagne and to top it off i never get fat. hence why i love reading about my mate kris jenner and kim k. truly they are blessed (except for the huge bum). So i say girls if you are just a nosey parker enjoy. or if there is something else you are avoiding or filling a void with, then girlfriend’s its time to get active. figure out what your missing and work hard to replenish your heart! follow your heart and your dreams will come!

RHonda MCGRath April 20, 2015

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