Eileen's Top Brunch Spots in Melbourne City

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 I know it's been a while...as our little team has been crazily preparing to launch some new and exciting WYLD stuff! So in the meantime I thought I would share a post one of our WYLD Interns, Eileen wrote for you while she was on the team. As an Aussie who grew up in mostly Sydney & Brisbane, I really did not spend much time in Melbourne, only a couple of quick shopping & work trips. However, it is a city I would eventually love to spend more time exploring.. especially the food and coffee. So if you are a foodie and traveling to Australia is on the cards make sure to stop in and visit Melbourne!  

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Top 5 Brunch Spots in Melbourne City : Written by Eileen Poh

 Although I was living as a student in Melbourne and most of my time was mainly spent studying and completing assignments, I always looked forward to the weekends because I was able to discover new cafes and most importantly, enjoy the amazingness of Australian coffee.

Brunching is immensely popular here in Singapore as we know, but it is also super popular in Melbourne, especially on the weekends where you can find yourself queuing up to 30 minutes to get a table at popular joints! Aussie's do tend to get out and about earlier so be sure to check the opening times of the cafes to try and beat the peak hour rush! There are so many awesome cafes in Melbourne but I’ve put a list of my top 5 most delicious brunch spots to visit in and around Melbourne’s CBD. My mouth is watering at the thought of each one! Hope you enjoy ;)

 Kettle Black

Taken from: http://www.melbournegirl.com.au/2014/10/24/kettle-black/

The exterior of Kettle Black gave a stunning impression. With its semi modern office building and Victorian home setting, it gives a feeling of old meets new amongst it's exquisite interior design. However, expect a wait during peak hour and especially on the weekends! But I can assure you that the wait will be so worth it! The Food is amazing and has a great vibe. 

The hot favourite is of course the Ricotta Hotcakes and also the coconut-set chia seeds. The presentation says it all!

Image from: http://www.annefed.com/2015/03/food-kettle-black.html

Check out the Kettle Black Menu: http://thekettleblack.com.au/menu.pdf

 St Ali Coffee Roaster

Image from: http://www.ladyironchef.com/2015/03/st-ali-coffee-roasters-melbourne/

  Located in the hearts of South Melbourne, this perfect brunch place is one not to be missed! Its setting is in a warehouse which is transformed into a power coffee house so expect some rustic charm with old wooden furniture. The menu at St Ali is just marvellous, although the price of the food is a little up there, ranging from $14 - $24 and above. Nevertheless, you certainly get what you pay for as the quality of the food is top-notch! Their most popular dish is 'My Mexican Cousin' which is the best corn fritters out there, with baby spinach, salty haloumi, tangy tomato relish and either poached or fried eggs.  

Most importantly, St Ali pride themselves in serving you quality coffee experience as they take their coffee very seriously! I am sure that not many ever walk out feeling disappointed!

Image from: http://www.letmefeedyoumelbourne.com/st-ali/

 Check out the delicious St Ali Menu: 


 Che Drez

Image from: http://www.urbanwalkabout.com/melbourne/st-kilda/food/eateries/chez-dre/

 Another hot favourite in South Melbourne, Che Drez is tucked in an alleyway on Coventry street, not far from the famous South Melbourne Market. Their brunch menu is absolutely worth trying but most importantly, many brunch-goers never leave Che Drez without ordering a whole army of the delicious petite desserts and colourful macarons to satisfy any sweet-tooths' desire. When I visited other patrons eyes' were stuck to the glass cabinets marvelling the display of beautiful desserts! As always, there is a long queue during the weekends so be sure to visit during the weekdays if you can!


Image from: http://www.sweetgastronomy.com/blog/2013/9/25/melbourne-sweet-safari

Link to Che Drez menu: http://www.chezdre.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Food-Menu.pdf


Image from: http://www.urbanwalkabout.com/melbourne/blog/post/3761

Hidden along another Melbourne CBD alleyway, is the entrance to Krimper - what an adventure finding it! Even with google maps directing be sure to know how to get there! As you enter, you’ll see the familiar warehouse interior, which pretty much most of the Melbournian cafes have incorporated. What caught my eye was the rustic elegance of the place with some modern touches especially the in-house elevator which captures the attention of many. I mean, when do you ever seen something so unique like this before! Krimper have a very interesting menu and they change it regularly to keep it fresh and fun for their regulars, but even if you visit them for the first time I am sure you’ll still discover some really yummy and also very beautifully plated food!

Image from: https://kylfthonthego.wordpress.com/2014/11/18/krimper-cafe/

Check out the Krimper menu: http://www.krimper.com.au/#menu

 Manchester Press


Image from : www.melbourne.breakfastout.com.au

Also tucked in a hidden valley in the hearts of CBD, Manchester press was the first Brunch café I’ve visit in Melbourne and oh my, I’m in love with this place! Famous for its mouth-watering bagels, almost everything on the menu are bagel-themed and they’re really yummy! Not forgetting, the baristas also does really beautiful coffee art that are definitely Instagram worthy! The wait wasn’t too bad, perhaps a mere 15-20 minutes waiting time during peak hours. Worth the wait! My personal favourite was the fruit + nut bagel with mixed berry mascarpone, fresh strawberries + crushed pistachios

  Image from www.edgeofmyplate.com

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