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Hey WYLDones, 

Hope everyone is doing well at home, we are on the home stretch now... and we hope you've been making the most of couch time, self-care time, long bath time (if you've got one and no kids lol) or spending some well overdue time with partners and kids. 

It certainly is an unusual time, and it is very easy to get lost in all the media, the social media and negative commentary that is swirling around. At it can be hard to tame our own emotions and stay positive. However, one good thing that this #stayathome Circuit Breaker has allowed us to do, IS spend more time reading (digital or hard cover), possibly learning new skills and working on the quality of our mental health (which we understand in these extreme circumstances is severely  difficult for those who suffer generally with mental health issues or for those who have developed them whilst being in isolation). This has become such an in-depth topic of conversation globally and I will be posting on regularly over the coming months - but for now - hang in there guys - you've totally got this - remember - One - Day -At - a Time). 

We ourselves have been trying to manage the balancing act of life constantly inside, and during our downtime (even small windows) we have found some amazing independent online sites that share the news today, have entertaining and informative angles, diverse points of views, humorous articles and engaging videos. We have listed them all below - hope you enjoy checking them out - ESP if you've been looking for some different material from your norm. Let us know your thoughts or please do share with us what you've been reading online! ( We will also share some hard covers we've been sinking our heads into later down the track!) 


Love Kb & theWYLDcrew xx

Our energetic new Intern Lusha Lowndes shares with us a brief intro into these cool Online Media Finds...

Hope you enjoy! xx



Associated Press 

The associated press is a go-to source for a bunch of topics, from politics, religious news and spirituality. The Associated Press is a one-stop shop for all your updates on current affairs on an international scale.


associated press

Scary Mommy 

Scary Mommy is a page made by mums, for mums and all stuff mummy related. It is a source of kid-friendly articles delivered in a hilarious way. Their Instagram page posts mum friendly memes that show the realities of parenting. It is our go-to daily source of laughter


scary mommy


Founded by Andy Pundicomme and Rich Pierson in 2010, Headspace is a platform for all things mental health-related, including guided meditations, videos and articles. Headspace works by giving bite-sized meditation/mindfulness videos to ease your way into a calm state of mind. Headspace is a great app if you want to start out meditation practices or want only have a small amount of time to dedicate to mindfulness



the elephant journal

The Elephant Journal 

 Elephant Journal is dedicated to living a mindful life. There are a variety of articles all about self-care, spirituality and living a more mindful life.


  The Minds Journal

The Minds Journal is a platform that puts emphasis on daily mental care practices. This website has a bunch of articles all about self-care, from relationships to self-development and an abundance of quotes to perk up your mood


the minds journal  

 GeN Twenty

GeN Twenty is a blog dedicated to being in your twenties and the life changes that come along with that decade of your life. They have lots of posts all about career, finance and self-development. This blog is a great resource to get in the know about managing your money.



gen twenty 

  Betches Media 

Betches is a go-to hub for all your news, pop culture and lifestyle updates. It is a daily source of laughs and updates, perfect to read over your morning coffee.




The Centre for Public Integrity

The Centre for Public Integrity is a website with articles on current affairs. They focus on financial news, national security and government updates without bias and in an honest spotlight. They partner with bigger media like Washington Post and the New York times to give us the latest updates on news around the world










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