How To Wear: Lace

Lace is no longer a mere trend but a wardrobe staple now. I can’t think of any other fabric as multi-purpose and versatile as this.

Lace is best attributed for its romantic, timeless and effortless sense of style. Its perfect for any occasion – dress down for a casual day with friends or dress up for an unforgettable date night. The control is in your hands but the only trick is knowing how to utilize this blessed piece of material!!

Here’s theWYLDshop’s rendition of <<How To Wear: Lace>> Enjoy! :)


Lace Tops

White Lace Tops

Lace tops have swiftly infiltrated every clothing brand, dominated every tumblr/pinterest account and latched onto every fashion icon worldwide. It’s only a matter of time before this infectious wave of lace obsession hits us where it hurts the most – our wallets.

With everyone purchasing a lace top left and right, how do you make the most of your money by getting THE lace top that stands out from the masses? I suggest choosing ones with creative detailing and bold patterns.

It baffles me why off-shoulder tops are seriously underrated but this might just be our blessing in disguise! Better snatch them before others do!! Other wise, bold chunks of lace OR mash-ups of several designs (like lace and fringe details) are equally exciting :)


Lace Shorts

Lace Shorts

If you’re a lace newbie and have just started to experiment, you could opt for a safe option and wear black lace shorts paired with a tank or tee. Or stand out by wearing colored lace in coral or purple.

However, if you’re the experimental sort when it comes to clothes, I dare you to go full fledge lace!! Some may think lace on lace is a fashion faux pas but there’s a way to avoid looking like your grandma dressed you…by sticking to (a) consistent lace print for both top and bottom OR (b) similar colour schemes so that there is continuity to the outfit!!


Lace V-Neck Dresses

Lace V-Neck Dresses

 Lace dresses for women have only 2 categories – Tacky or Classy. Thus, the selection of a white lace dress requires a keen sense for detail, such as the cut, fit and most importantly, the quality of lace. The lace fabric displayed in the above white outfits is slightly rigid but great quality, which gives structure to the dress and accentuates your curves.

The lace keeps the dress ladylike, whereas, the plunging V-neck and deep V-back sensualize the style. This is how you should wear lace tastefully; through a careful balance of sultry sophistication!!


Lace Choker Dress

Lace Choker Dress

If you’re not into the white lace cocktail dress, be the night’s game-changer by appearing in an unexpected pink red or black lace dress.

Lace resonates with the feminine qualities of being demure, dainty and delicate. In contrast, striking colours like black and pink red are fierce, fervid and flamboyant. Science states that “opposites attract” and who knew this law of physics can be applied to the fashion world as well!! If this isn’t enough, the choker collar effect provides an unconventional twist to the traditional lace dress by giving it more character and edge.

(psshhh…wear the pink red lace dress and you’re a guaranteed show-stopper)


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