Where to Buy Cotton Face Masks in Singapore ??

Hey WYLDones,

The answer to the questions is RIGHT HERE!!!!

Face masks have become such an ESSENTIAL since the outbreak of COVID19, and we've heard it's been difficult to find breathable yet stylish masks that are handmade with care - so we made some for you with ALL proceeds going towards raising funds to help AWARE Singapore and their Vulnerable Women's Fund.

The vulnerability of women in Singapore ( and all over the world for that matter) is an issue that our Founder Kara is very passionate about and we will be sharing more information on this topic more regularly with the hope and mission to spread  awareness and essentially help these women as much as we possibly can. 

Our new masks are beautiful yet breathable and are handcrafted in Singapore by a social enterprise called the Sowing Room. They create pieces sewn by at-risk / abused women from the Good Shepherd Centre.


This centre has been created for women who have been abused and or trafficked, providing a safe haven for them to work through their trauma. The centre also provides accommodation for these vulnerable women and their children offering services that will assist them to get back on their feet. 

They carry out their services in a private and respectful way to ensure the safety of the women and children. They have 24 centres across Singapore as well as a crisis shelter for victims of trafficking and abuse. 


The money earned will be used to help support themselves and their families or some actually opt to send it onto Tamar Village, an organisation helping to heal those affected by red-light districts. Tamar Village helps reunite families that have been affected and offer mentoring programs and skill-based learning to reintegrate these families back into society.


Stay Safe, Stay Well

Lusha xo 

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