Australia Needs our help ♥ Where to Donate to the Australian Bushfire Disaster

Dearest WYLDones, 

Firstly, we hope that you and your families had a safe and enjoyable Christmas. As it is hard to escape the beyond heartbreaking news of the terrifying bushfires that have taken too many brave human lives, scorched millions of acres and wiped out a catastrophic number of wildlife - we will try as best we can along with my fellow Australian people to remain positive and hopeful, continue to pray for the rain to come so there is no more loss of land and life.

Literally the only thing positive thing that can be derived from this horrendousness is to see the world uniting. The outpouring of awareness from all over the world is mind blowing which has in turn opened up peoples' hearts & wallets and countries' resources - people have dug deep and for this we must be truly thankful and we're indebted to and are so grateful for the incredible firefighters on the front line & countless volunteers helping communities - families and saving the abundance of injured and displaced wildlife. 

the WYLD shop will be donating a portion of January's sales to the Australian Red Cross & the Kangaroo Island Mayoral Relief and Recovery Bush Fire Fund.

If you would like to donate here are some links to some of the Large and Smaller Organisations in Australia:  

NSW Rural Fire Service :

South Australia Country Fire Service (CFS): Kangaroo Island Mayoral Relief and Recovery Bushfire Fund:

Australian Red Cross :

Singapore Red Cross : Campaign for Australia

WIRES Wildlife Rescue :

WWF Save the Koalas:

Salvation Army:

The Kangaroo Sanctuary:

Zoos Victoria: 
The Rescue Collective : 


In addition to these Sassymamma has a wonderful article with more links on what's happening in Singapore and how you can be part of the donation process - please click here and check it out. 

From an Australian with a heavy but hopeful heart, thank you for your donations xx
Again, it is a pleasure to serve you in-store and online and my crew and I wish you a wonderfully fulfilling year, where we hope you continue to strive to reach all your goals, stay healthy, live your best life with a happy and grateful heart.


Always with Love,

Live WYLD Live Free, 

Kb xx

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