7 Aussie Beach Babes with Amazeballs Instagram Accounts

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1) Renee Somerfield (@Reneesomerfield)

Renee Somerfield Instagram Account Pictures

We love Renee because she is a beach loving Instagram hottie clad in simple yet stylish bikinis. She’s worth following if you are looking for a source of inspiration and motivation to start working out for that toned and voluptuous beach body!!! And isn’t her Precious pooch just adorbs! OMG she even has her own Instagram account!! Check it out!!! @Princess_Delilah


2) Caitlyn Paterson (@Caitlynpaterson)

Caitlyn Paterson Instagram Account Pictures

Caitlyn’s charming and light-hearted spirit shines through her pastel focused beach outfits that exude a soft and subtle glamour. Through her beautiful mix of photos she certainly looks like she has loads of fun and lives her life to the fullest with a positive attitude.


3) Elyse Knowles (@Elyseknowlzy)

Elyse Knowles Instagram Account Pictures

Elyse, without a doubt, is super stunning but and presents her quirky, fresh-face self on Instagram a lot - which keeps her real! She looks like she has a great sense of humour but an even better sense of fashion, which is evident in her amazing beach outfits she posts on insta! We love that she is a super savvy business chick with a big heart producing her own line @EVRRY.DAY which donates 10% of all profits to @wateraid.


4) Sjana Elise Earp (@sjanaelise)

Sjana Elise Earp Instagram Account Pictures

Sjana is a photojournalist with an incredibly toned and tanned bod! Her insta is like an exhibition – with the most stunning combination of graceful yoga poses against breathtaking beachside backdrops. Although her beach outfits are subtle in her pics, the bikinis, dresses, active wear and rompers she wears all look amazing. Anyone feel like booking their first yoga class or booking a trip to the beach #whatababe???


5) Natasha Oakley (@tashoakley)

Natasha Oakley Instagram Account Pictures

Natasha an Aussie fashion icon in our eyes, she teaches us fabulous ways to wear beach dresses and is a daily source of outfit inspirations. She has a flamboyant sense of style, which is undeniably gorgeous but seems like a super cool, passionate, down-to-earth kind of chick who just loves to have fun. She is a global babe who fits the profile of Australian Ambassador to a T and is the Co creator of @ABikiniADay and designer of @MondaySwimwear & @MondayActive. Ummm… yeah baby!


6) Jessica Stein (@tuulavintage)

Jessica Stein Instagram Account Pictures

Jessica is a travel bunny from Sydney, who is currently based in LA. She seems to live and breathe the world she travels sharing with us amazing moments captured in her photography. Her artistic flair sees the perfect combination of bohemian styled beach dresses against majestic landscapes. WYLDones who identify themselves as those consumed by wanderlust… you will fall in love <3


7) Sheridyn Fisher (@sheridynfisher)

Sheridyn Fisher Instagram Account Pictures

Sheridyn is the successful beachwear designer of @Sheridynswim; married to a hunky tattooed man and is a mother to her precious baby boy, River. Her insta feed features D-vine pics of her little one and shows subtly her incrediballs physique while she lazes about on the beach. She might not be for everyone but visually - She is #lifegoals #yummymummy


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