Celebrity Crush: Why We Dig Kendall Jenner's Style


In the past, this name would have faded under the fame of reality television’s royal family - The Kardashians. But now, these two words have become almost synonymous with Hollywood’s leading fashion icons. I mean, Kendall’s height is 1.79m, so its no surprise that she looks good in anything and everything! Although she looks killer on the runway, red carpet and in her editorial work, we love her because she kills it on the streets in her everyday digs which we assume she styles herself because her outfits are so cool & casual and she appears 99% of the time comfortable which we believe to be key!!

While other stars desperately try to steal headlines with less than skimpy outfits, Kendall’s (comparatively) semi-conservative dressing never fails to be the topic of discussion amongst fashionistas worldwide! And we too, absolutely adore Kendall’s clothes because she appears to effortlessly style her outfits with a casual chic YET she still manages to retain a sexy and modern edge! Every. Single. Time.

From casual #ootds to red carpet stunners, Kendall has her look down on pat! Here are 6 styles that she completely ROCKS:

1. Casual

Kendall Jenner's Casual OutfitsKendall epitomizes the term “effortless beauty”. Its honestly insane (and really quite unfair…) how Kendall looks downright AMAZING in the simplest and most ordinary outfits. It’s clear that Kendall loves her denim – she simply can’t live without a tight pair of skinnies to complete an everyday look. I mean doesn’t EVERYONE love denim? It is the staple wardrobe item that never goes out of trend. But Kendall takes “dreamy in denim” up a notch by stylishly pairing them with skin-tight or loosely-fitted tank and crop tops.

2. Sporty

Kendall Jenner's Sporty OutfitsI mean it's not rocket science that the Victoria Secret Model has a 10/10 smashing body. But needless to say, every time a photo of sporty Kendall is released, I am once again thrown into turmoil of emotions - Shock?? Excitement?? Confusion?? If Kendall’s flawless figure in a sportswear doesn’t motivate you to hit the gym (or at least do a few sit-ups), I don’t know what will !?!

3. High Street

Kendall Jenner's High Street Outfits

Kendall, safe to say, has pretty much cemented her title as a Hollywood fashion icon when she continues to step out onto the streets in these super trendy outfits that not only compliment her figure but show an eclectic all round good taste. There’s not an inch to pinch as she struts in full denim overalls, high waisted suede pants, striped culottes or even just throwing on a biker jacket!! All I want in life is Kendall Jenner’s closet, nuff said.

4. Sexy

Kendall Jenner's Sexy Outfits

I mean, what’s a little fun without showing some skin? Usually, when other celebs bare themselves in skimpy clothes, I just feel my skin crawl with slight contempt (like ew, no thanks). But maybe cos I’m biased, I find that there’s absolutely nothing inappropriate or uncomfortable about this smoking hot Jenner! Don’t you just love how she carefully balances seduction with sophistication?? #GOALS.

5. Glamorous

Kendall Jenner Red Carpet Dresses

Someone, call 911. My heart (and hormones) cannot handle this. Kendall literally redefines the term “showstopper” in every red carpet event. Her dresses are always so on point, she looks breathtakingly beautiful, elegant and almost ethereal. Kendall shines in any shade – from sunset violet, edgy black to emerald green, she is capable of rockin’ any style! That’s what makes her my ultimate #WCW <3

6. Classy

 Kendall Jenner Classy Monochrome Outfits

In just a few years, Kendall has become one of the sharpest dressing A-listers of Beverly Hills. Following in Queen Kim K’s footsteps, Kendall dolls herself in smart and sophisticated monochrome colours that exude subtle glamour and 100% class!

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