Coachella Looks Style Guide 2016

Coachella Festival 2016


A trendy music festival OR a fashion face-off between the hottest and brightest stars of Hollywood? It is the place to see and be seen. Maybe that's why everyone parades with the “go-big-or-go-home” attitude, going full-fledged fashionista on this festive ground!

Even though Singapore, to our dismay, doesn't hold festivals similar to Coachella, this shouldn’t stop us from dressing for the occasion! In the world of fashion, there’s never a need for reasons or excuses to dress up and look pretty.

If you can’t afford $500 USD Coachella tickets? Fear not.           Because at theWYLDshop…we are bringing Coachella to you!!! We have collated our top 6 favourite looks from Coachella 2016, and have created a mini style guide inspired by some of our beloved fave celebs! Hope you enjoy – “Live WYLD live free & be who you want to be”


Taylor Hill's Outfit at Coachella 2016

Get the look: Bralette (click here), Necklace (click here)

Taylor Hill, the Victoria Secret Angel whom had been described to be “too pretty to be a model” graced her presence at the Coachella festival 2016. What can I say? Her entire outfit was an absolute 10/10! From aztec printed flare pants to black mesh bralette, Taylor is clearly in par with the current fashion trends. She even added a light touch of grunge with a metal choker and vintage red bandana to pull off a complete rocker chick look!!


Chanel Iman's outfit at Coachella 2016

Get the look: Crop top (click here), Sunglasses (click here), Fringe Bag (click here), Earrings (click here)

Another fellow VS Angel, Chanel Iman, also made her guest appearance at California’s no. 1 hotspot – the Empire Polo Club. Though her style may seem to slightly overlap with Taylor, it is the little details that set her a cut above the rest. Chanel wore snakeskin skinny jeans with a loose-fitting white sheer crop top. Because of the snakeskin’s edgy pattern, it took Chanel’s entire outfit to a whole new level!! Furthermore, her addition of silver-turquoise accessories (like belt, earrings) and tassel fringe sling bag actually complemented her edgy style to form something truly unique :)


Bella Thorne's Outfit at Coachella 2016

Get the look: Crop top (click here), Sunglasses (click here), Fringe Bag (click here), Bracelet Cuff (click here)

Nothing screams more Coachella than a…(a) skimpy crop top (b) high-waisted denim shorts and most importantly, (c) an overdoes of jewelry to spice up any look! The American actress, Bella Thorne, is the living embodiment of the ideal Coachella girl. (The only thing lacking is probably a cute kimono…) Bella has creatively adorned herself with bindis, septum piercing, a hand full of rings, multi-layered necklaces and an arm-stretch of bracelets. She daringly mixes metal and precious stone accessories together to form an awesome look. Some would say “less is more”, but this rule clearly does not apply to Bella who proudly struts her style!


Jasmine Tookes's Outfit at Coachella 2016

Get the look: Pink Bustier Top (click here), Aztec Bikini Top (click here), White Culotte Pants (click here)

I’ve come to realise that there is really no escape from VS models when it comes to fashion. The stunning Angel, Jasmine Tookes, was spotted wearing a beautiful tribal halter neck crop with a white flowing midi skirt/pants. Its like boho gets a new twist in earthy tones and textures in this tribal inspired assemble. This Coachella fashion is perfect to look outstanding but not overdone; sexy but not too revealing. Also, the mustard yellow headband brought entirety to the look and gave an extra “POP” factor to the outfit!!


Kaia Gerber's Outfit at Coachella 2016

Get the look: Romper (click here), Sunglasses (click here), Earrings (click here), Necklace (click here)

Kaia Gerber, the daughter of renowned supermodel Cindy Crawford had also made her mark at this year’s Coachella festival. Since the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, Kaia truly lives up to her mother’s iconic fashion status in this fierce black outfit that accentuates sexy and sultry. Badass Black is the wardrobe’s ultimate powerhouse that never goes out of style. Just grab a pair of shades and strap on ankle boots to create this killer look!


Kendall Jenner's Outfit at Coachella 2016

Get the look: Romper (click here), Dress (click here), Sunglasses (click here)

Last but definitely not least, who could forget Kendall Jenner?? She has recently rise to the spotlight and been enthroned the reining queen of high street chic fashion. In this star-studded Coachella festival, Kendall continues to outshine the rest with her unexpected double buns hairstyle, laced maxi dress and an elaborate statement necklace. Step aside Vanessa Hudgens, and bow down to the new bohemian goddess of Coachella!


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