Vegan Instagram Accounts That Will Shake Your World

If you’re anything like me, and you absolutely CANNOT live without meat. You would probably think eating vegan is not a lifestyle for you. But be prepared to have your world flipped upside down!! Because these mouth-watering Vegan instagram accounts will make you second-guess everything you’ve once believed in! (no joke)

(1) @Blueberrysmoothies

Blueberrysmoothies Vegan Instagram Account

If you loveee smoothies, @blueberrysmoothies is defo your go-to choice to follow on insta!!! Mari makes the most colourful and spectacular creations with her detailed arrangement of sliced fruits and thoughtful combination of vibrant colours J Her smoothies just scream SUMMER BREAK to me. (ahhhhh I need a summer getaway now)

(2) @Papaya_sunshine

Papaya_sunshine Vegan Instagram Account

Admit it. Everyone has a bit of a sweet tooth and sometimes we just want to stuff our faces with desserts!! @papaya_sunshine is wonderful to follow because Marie posts her breakfast and dessert recipes on her instagram account for us to try at home J She is clearly big up on all things sweet and this will certainly satisfy both your eyes and your taste buds!!!

(3) @Healthhappysisters

Healthyhappysisters Vegan Instagram Account

@Healthhappysisters is co-run by a dynamic duo – 2 sisters passionate about Vegan food. Their account stands out amongst the many due to their unorthodox YET refreshing feed aesthetics!! They take the most fun-looking and quirky pictures of their vegan food. Oddly, it gives me the impression of some kind of exotic Japanese art HAHA. I just feel very happy looking at this feed, don’t you??

(4) @Theplantfeed

Theplantfeed Vegan Instagram Account

Plot twist: The mastermind behind these delicious vegan foods is…a…MAN. Christoffer crafts nutritious, organic and (obviously) vegetarian recipes and he graciously shares them on his insta account! You should follow him if you need inspiration for heavier vegan meal ideas. Who needs a cheat day when eating healthy can look and taste thisss good??? *drools*

(5) @Rhianamygdala

Rhianamygdala Vegan Instagram Account

@Rhianamygdala is another plant-based foodie. She is similar to Christoffer in the sense that they both have awesome ideas for fuller vegan vegetarian dishes. She does everything – from pastas, pizzas, and burritos to even Mac & Cheese!!! I never thought it feasible but apparently there’s faux cheese now… She just makes vegan diet look so effortless and easy!

(6) @Sobeautifullyraw

Sobeautifullyraw Vegan Instagram Account

Don’t want to commit to a major life-changing decision just yet? Follow @sobeautifullyraw to make this food diet transition less painful (hopefully HAHA). Sam does various types of vegan recipes but I especially like her account because of her innovative burger ideas!!! She gives a unique and healthy spin to these originally meaty dishes. If you want to pursue a vegan lifestyle yet you’re finding it extremely challenging (I know I would) to give up your western favorites – burgers & hotdogs, you could begin by trying out these fabulous recipes!!

(7) @Thesashadiaries

Thesashadiaries Vegan Instagram Account

Show some love and support for our home girl, Sasha Gill!! This insanely talented individual is a Singaporean that has been gaining attention and recognition worldwide. With a strong following base of 29.6K, she has been featured on Buzzfeed and many others, WOW right?? Follow her @thesashadiaries


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