Supermoms: Does breastfeeding change your breasts forever? We find out more from the moms of Reddit

does breastfeeding change your breasts

Whenever we’re in a medical dilemma, we seem to head to the most convenient expert we know, the internet. Yes, it may not be the most accurate but the internet definitely has exhaustive information that may help. Well, things are no different for this situation. We’re wondering if breastfeeding changes your breasts forever because who doesn’t want perky boobs?? So we googled, searched through WebMD and we gained some knowledge but honestly, we’re not satisfied. The internet can tell us facts but when it really comes down to it, we would like to hear it from people who have experienced child birth. I don’t know if you guys have ventured into the world of Reddit, but that site definitely has some great information for everyone. So here are what some of the real-life mums of Reddit have to say about what happens to their boobs after breastfeeding.


“I got smaller. For my frame, I had largish breasts pre-baby (c-d range), while breastfeeding they were monsters, and post I was more like an (a-b) - I had started working out more then too though. Don't get rid of your bras! Keep all bra sizes you own until you're done reproducing and breastfeeding! You never really know what you'll end up needing.”


"Bigger and way less perkier. :(

From what I understand, a lot of it for any woman has to do with diet, weight gain/loss, and genetics, (un)fortunately. It's not just breastfeeding/pregnancy that determines what the girls will look like in the end.”

"Same size here. One nipple now inverted and they no longer stand at attention like they used to."



"Mine stayed essentially the same size (a little bigger than pre pregnancy) but seriously deflated."


"My boobs were a solid C cup since I was 12. Each time my milk came in, they were bowling balls overnight and stayed that way until I finished breastfeeding, then right back to the solid C. Except the last time. They're now a sad, saggy barely B. I'm okayish with it; running is easier now, but I'm self-conscious about them for the first time in my life. Without a bra they look like plums inside a kids' ankle sock."


"Mine shrunk up to nothing. Literally, it was as flat as a teenage boy, minus the lose boobie skin. Got a boob job eventually. Everybody's different I guess."


"I stopped nursing about 4-5 months ago. I went up 2 cup sizes and they have stayed at that size."


"Mine are back to my normal size but look NOTHING like they use to."

If you got anything out of that, it's that every woman is different. At the end of the day, it's all down to lifestyle changes (diet & exercise) and genetics, which can't be helped. Some mummas are lucky with full boobs but some are bound to have deflated, droopy breasts but hey, that's part of motherhood. We're all about self-love and confidence so if a boob job is gonna make you a happy mumma, go for it sexy!


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