Healthy Places to eat in the Katong Area

G'day WYLDones, Kb here with my first blog of the year! Whoo! (sorry that was very Aussie of me! lol) 

Gosh, firstly how are you all? 

Hope you've all taken a break and/or have done some travel either locally in SEA or O/S! Tell us where have you been???

And for those who've had it.....has everyone recovered ok from having covid! Man hasn't it been a year....just when we thought the world was starting to improve slightly... ;( ... Craazy times people crazy times... Meanwhile, we will continue to practice our daily gratitude, kick on and try and live our best lives as healthily and as happily as we possibly can! 

Now speaking of healthily! For those who live east-side or who frequent the JC (Joo Chiat) as we like to call it. How many awesome NEW exciting eateries & boutiques are there now! Come Come, more the merrier we say!! But now we are so spoilt for choice! Sometimes we (as in #thewyldcrew and I) can make unhealthy choices, but actually there is no excuse now but to balance it out and make some healthier choices when it comes to our snacks, lunch and dinner options.

So for those who are new to the area, visiting from around the island or from overseas ( which is so wonderful to see). There are a variety of healthy options in our hood, the Katong and Joo Chiat area. So last week Adina and I went on a little mission (and schlepped our rack of WYLD goodies through the streets) to not only visit some of our faves but we also stumbled across a yummy interesting new concept to SG that well I had not seen before. 

Hope you enjoy the pix from our little mission and we'd also love you to share your fave healthy meals from the area too and we can re-share! DM us via our insta or shoot us a comment on the post!! 

So first cab off the rank we visited Common man Coffee Roasters which is my ultimate go-to cafe in the Joo Chiat Hood. Firstly, because I deem it as the best coffee, (I drink an oat milk cappuccino just for reference) and secondly because of the yummy menu ( that actually has a decent mix of naughty and nice!). The cafe has a gorgeous alfresco vibe and is located on the corner of Joo Chiat Road and Joo Chiat Lane. The "healthy meal" we snapped is also a fave of mine and I first discovered it over at their 22 Martin Road location. It's called the "Common man Veggie Wonderland". It's certainly a colourful breaky and comprises of spinach, your choice of eggs, massive portobello mushrooms, 2 strips of grilled halloumi cheese and 1/2 a sliced avo with lemon. Now, of course you can ask for it without the sourdough / wholemeal bread and of courrrsse you can have the meal without the milky coffee and have juice instead lol! But yeah we had it with our coffeeess to have a nice balanced meal... and FYI ( as you can see in the snap ) that the serving is extremely generous, so it's definitely an amazing option for sharing!! Absolutely one of my favourite western breakfasts in SG! 

breakfast and brunch at common man coffee roasters joo chiat

 common man breakfast joo chiat katong

For this particular location I dressed up in our WYLD Luna Midi Kimono in Saffron Peacock Dream and Adina's wearing our MIRA Ikat Kaftan in Indigo and Luula Amazigh Headband -  how cute is it!) 

So after realising we had schlepped our Styling Rack down Joo Chiat Road for no reason hahaha (clearly we didn't #makeaplan ... lol ) we decided we may as stop and take some fun snaps in front of the Kuan Im Kuan Ti Kong Buddhist Temple. This was after we were stopped by patrons having breaky seated outside of common man who wanted to see the pretty colourful dresses on our rack! Such a good marketing exercise! "We're down at 412 - come visit us!" we said ;)) LOL!

  the wyld shop visits Kuan Im Kuan Ti Kong Temple


Next stop another fave which is conveniently located opposite the shop! Little Farms Katong! Now we originally wanted to take snaps with my fave salad but we were too early!! ;( Lunch Menu is from 11am!  So we snapped up their yums Granola with fruits and yoghurt and their very #greenjuice.  The Granola you can actually purchase to take home right next door in the supermarket! We absolutely love having a little farms so nearby at Katong Point because they have everything from fresh baked goods, to meat, cheese, fresh fruits and veg, an awesome selection of wine and champagne, frozen goods and a terrific variety of gluten free and keto friendly items AS WELL AS the Bistro which open for breakfast, lunch and dinner!!! #sogood 


Adina and I are a lil' matchy-match in the snaps at Little Farms in our extremely comfy and colourful Indii Breeze Isabel Tie Dresses! I'm wearing Isabel Flamingo Diamond paired with some Just Gaya's Fan earrings and Adina is wearing Isabel in White Marigold paired with some gorge Envet Earrings! 


So we decided that because there were a few stops we wanted to make along East Coast we would go to our furthest stop first - which was The Whole Kitchen. An ahhhhhhhmazing cute cafe that was thankfully created as an extension of their successful gluten free products stocked all over the island (and on their online store of course), so that we could enjoy delicious treats on the East and purchase from their healthy selection straight off the shelf! So we ordered, shared and  enjoyed the pumpkin soup ( a bit silly on a hot day... but it was soooo good) and the salmon & avocado on their super seedy 7 Seed Sourdough!! Absolutely delish!

 the wyld shop visits the whole kitchen It was a super duper #hotasfuck day also, so of course we brought the most appropriate FAN with us which was kinda effective but not... lol!! The heat here at the moment is savage and super intense!! I guess that's what you get when you practically live on the equator!!  Check out our Full Range of fans HERE

So from top to toe, I am wearing our Le Specs Sunnies HEYBBY in Gold, Just Gaya's Leather leaf earrings,  Minkpink Ulla Maxi, Cute Basket Tote by Luulaa and Annie & Lori Crostini Light Tan Sandals. Adina wears ..... Lo & Behold Runway, Minkpink Cyprus Knit Top & Cassia Flare Shorts and Annie and Lori Esher Twist Sandals in Natural - both of us are sweating our ta ta's off ( you can actually see the sweat beads in some of the pix! ) but for the love of the blog and the gram we slap on a happy sweaty smile and try and get the shot.... LOL!! #thethingswedo 

Now as we continue our sweaty journey, we stumble across this new concept called Nuttea - Nut Mylk Tea! #veganfriendly #coffeeandtea #nutmylk #freshfuits #smoothies #acaibowl - No although we were on our way to Acai Affair we thought we would stop and have a gander at this new concept which we found out was from Taiwan! It really can't get healthier than this as the drinks are made daily from a mix of real nuts! So I tried one with coffee and Adina had a Matcha Nut Mylk tea. I didn't try the matcha one but my one was sooooo creamy I didn't even want to mix the cream with the coffee it was so yum! I think I would have maybe enjoyed it more if we'd sat inside and took our time to drink it! 

nuttea nut mylk tea east coast road the wyld shop  

Thank Goodness our outfits for this one were cotton and light weight!! I am wearing the new Vine and Branches Set ( top and skirt sold separately) in Orange with a gorgeous hand crafted Li Na Lay Na in Lemon and Annie and Lori Nicola Mules in Black - which now I come to see don't really match lol, but sometimes I love a good contrast! On the other hand Adina looks quite put together sporting super light and comfy wrap pants (also by vine and branches) paired with a Nala Light and Easy Top in Mint Green and on her feet she's got her metallic black jaedals by baebeeboo

Now it's super fun to play dress up and galavant around town ( the east coast of Singapore with your clothes rack and ikea bag full of accessories... even when it's stupid hot. BUT not when it rainsssssss lol!!! So Thank goodness we made it to the next stop in time for the Hour Down Pour and was able to hide our rack and bag safely from getting wet! So as we were cooling off, we preceded to all enjoy and have a refreshing Açaí Affair! 

They actually offer 3 different sizes, but because we had planned to consume our so-called content that day we just opted for the Regular and our lovely Photographer, Anna we fed her too lol - she just wanted small size - which really if we're talking healthy sometimes I think the "smaller portion" is a goer! I am no nutritionist (and I have really struggled with my weight after giving birth (mainly because I love food too much and have little to no self-control when it comes to tasty food / eating / dining etc .... I just love eating!!) but I think anything in moderation is key however PORTION control is definitely something that we do need to consciously think about! But as I said, I am  expert... lol... clearly.. And I know that fruits are high in sugar - so this I would put maybe as an option for a  "semi-healthy snack" once a week... ( without the honey drizzle, peanut drizzle or cookie butter!!) However, great news their menu is mainly raw, vegan, dairy free and refined sugar free!!! Whooo!!! 

 acai affair the wyld blog east coast healthy places to eat

the wyld shop visits An Açaí affair food blog

This cute little joint that is AN AÇAÍ AFFAIR is quite unassuming because it looks like it's just a hole in the wall but if you venture inside, out the back and round the corner you have a lovely, well-lit, undercover seating area where you can chill and enjoy your berry goodness! We certainly did enjoy our Nutty Party, Pitaya Punch and Mango Tango! Here's the full menu too btw and they're also conveniently on Deliveroo!!  

And for this place, I was already wearing a little black slip dress (which is my #1 go-to item of clothing when I layer up). It's super thin and has a low sexy v-neck so I can pair it easily with crops, jumpers, jackets, kimonos or button-up shirts like our new Nala Men's Shirt that I am wearing in Jacaranda Turkish Sea which I tied up at the front and also wore my fave Boheme Black and Gold Goa earrings which are actually available in a variety of colours! And Adina wears comfy Channy Skirt in Pink Palm  matched with the Nala Light and Easy top in Mint again! This top has been an absolute winner - because it goes with so many different styles of pant, skirt and shorts. It's also available in Diva Blue, White and Burgundy! Click HERE to see the full range! 

Now along this stretch of road, East Coast Road - there are just so many places to eat and drink, including Thai, Salads, Indian, Steak & Chicken Rice - a delish mix of naughty and nice if you ask me! So we couldn't cover all on this hot and humid day... But I will pop links at the end to other great places we love that have "healthy options". 

So after the rain cleared we made a bolt for it to our last destination of the day! Pete's Mediterranean Grill which is also conveniently located on the corner of Joo Chiat Road and East Coast Road! You can find Pete inside the very popular Hawker for Easties that has everything from beers, burgers & thai!! But what we love about Pete's grill is there are veggie and lots of protein options that you can have to accompany your hummus and baba ganoush, even without having the ricey, pita or flatbread carbs ( even though we know that it is awesome with the carbs! ) and it's all at a very reasonable price! Great for a shared snack, healthy lunch or dinner! 


 pete's mediterranean grill at alibabar hawker bar east coast sinagpore

 Because of the rain, I just pulled on my Saffron Peacock dream Kimono over my little black slip and I was done, completely different look but still with my Goa's on! And Miss Adina's last #LOTD was one of our Roses and Rhinos Bandeau dresses with here cute Nala Shopper bag in Celery. I am super addicted to the  whole R & R collection! Some of the styles I can't pull off, but I live in the kaftans which you can check out our collection HERE or pop into the shop to try all the different styles on! They are so comfy you can sleep in them!! 

And that's a wrap from me guysssss... My writing debut for this year!! LOL!! Long winded but that's how I roll when I'm writing ( & talking most of the time hehe!!) And on that note, I absolutely love a good chinny ( my bff in Oz would say.... short for #chinwag - another very Aussie way to say "have a good chat"!! And I adore your visits, it makes having our little shop so spesh when you come in, hang out and play dress up with us!! 

Always super super grateful for your support and I hope to be writing a lot more and of course I'll continue to try and make silly & hopefully entertaining videos that make you smile. 

Live WYLD Live Free,

♥ Kb xoxowyld shop and little farms katong point wearing indii breeze isabel tie dresses

 As mentioned here's some links to other HEALTHY EATS we either order from frequently or visit regularly to grab Coffee or Healthy Bites!! xx

A Poke Theory


C Cafe ( Nimbus )

Guzman Y Gomez

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