Mental Health: Stay-At-Home Mom Depression Is A Real Thing

stay at home mom depression

PSA: Stay-At-Home moms (SAHM) are more at risk of depression according to a survey done by Gallup. As compared to employed moms, SAHM experience more negative emotions like worry, stress and sadness. SAHM are frequently branded with the title ‘super mom’ but these superheroes aren’t always immune to mental illnesses.

It may be difficult for some to understand why SAHM are more prone to depression. People have the misconception that being free from employment means having a relaxed life and how can you be lonely when you’re never alone? Yes, moms love spending time with their children but when that’s the only thing their life revolves around, it can get pretty depressing. SAHM can’t always have it together and that’s just being human.

Why are SAHM more at risk of depression?

Being a SAHM comes with its own downfalls and whoever thinks it’s an easy job, well think again. The main reason SAHM are more affected by depression, is because they are isolated from a colourful lifestyle because of their responsibilities. They have to wake up at the crack of dawn and by the time their kids are in bed, they would be too exhausted to have dinner and drinks with a friend. The monotony and loneliness of this penniless job can be overwhelming for anyone. Moreover, the pressure of being the perfect parent can cause SAHM to ignore their own wellbeing from self-care to mental health. When moms get too focused on their kids, they can also lose a sense of self, which results to a lack of will and excitement.

How do you avoid the lows of being a SAHM?


You may be sighing in frustration at this tip, but hear me out. SAHM are definitely swamped with countless chores and duties, but if you can put 20 minutes aside to work on your wellbeing, it’ll do wonders for your mental health. You don’t have to do anything rigorous like running. Instead, a more relaxing at home workout like yoga or pilates would be a great start to your day. Exercising releases endorphins, also known as the happy hormone, reducing the risk of depression.

Pamper yourself

We get that with the nature of a SAHM’s job, a messy bun and no-makeup is the most practical look to go for. However, if you don’t pamper yourself once in a while, you could lose a sense of yourself and who doesn’t want to feel pretty? The easiest way to incorporate a pamper session would be to soak yourself in a hot bath at the end of your day and give yourself a home facial. It gives you time to wind down before you go to bed and also feels like you’re in a luxurious spa!

Get more sun

It’s way too easy to coop yourself at home when you’re a SAHM. I’m sure you already know caging yourself at home isn’t the best for your mental health. Whenever you can, take the kids to the park or even to the pool if you’re feeling like a dip. The fresh air and the sun are important factors that can improve anyone’s mood. Also, Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, is great for maintaining healthy bones and your overall health.

Find a SAHM pal

Having a friend that goes through the same experiences as you can be very comforting. Not only will you be able to have someone to talk to, they can also be your dinner and drinks partner. Having a friend can really help with the loneliness and isolation so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there cause there are probably many other SAHM in the same shoes as you.


You mummas out there are truly superwomen but always remember that mental health shouldn't be ignored as it's extremely important for your own well-being. Stay awesome and have a lovely day! 

xx, Shona


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