Crystals 101: our obsession with gorgeous gemstones

Gemstones are having a moment: it’s hard to ignore the resurgence of gorgeous semi precious stones and the renewed appreciation for the benefits of crystals. WYLD ones will know we’re on board – besides, you know we can’t resist pretty things here!

Whether you believe in their power as healing stones, are interested in crystals for protection or want to know more about good luck crystals, we hear you. To help us all get our fix of gemstones we’ve made it possible to buy crystals online at The WYLD Shop alongside our curated selection at our boutique – we think they're gorgeous gifts for friends – or for yourself! In the meantime, let’s take a look at some of our favourite types of crystals and their meanings

clear quartz: buy crystals online at the WYLD Shop
Clear quartz


Clear quartz
Amongst the most famous clear quartz benefits is its ability to amplify energy – when used with the intent for healing or manifesting your goals, this crystal can be powerful, positive stuff. Clear quartz is also a stone of clarity, and can be used to support focus and concentration. 

 Pyrite: buy crystals online at the WYLD ShopPyrite obelisk


A powerful protective stone, we think pyrite is one of the must have crystals for home. Beautiful in tower or sphere form, or in raw clusters, this stone is named after the Greek word for fire – and can literally create sparks. It's no wonder pyrite is also known as a stone for strength and confidence. 

Rose quartz
Long associated with love, rose quartz is a stone of feminine energy, and used to support fertility, fuel creativity, and keep us compassionate. On that note, show yourself more self-compassion and self-love by keeping this beautiful, supportive stone with you.

 Smoky quartz: buy crystals online at The WYLD Shop

Smoky quartz points


Smoky quartz
Smoky quartz is a grounding stone, and one of the well-known good luck crystals, said to have the ability to transform negative energy into positive. When used for crystal healing, smoky quartz is used to alleviate anxiety, elevate mood and bring more calm and balance.

 buy crystals online: carnelian egg at The Wyld ShopCarnelian

Fiery-hued carnelian is a stone for bravery, boldness and power. Use it whenever you need to harness your mojo. 

Selenite is known as a clearing stone, one of the most powerful charging crystals – it can be used to purify and re-energise other crystals. You can find selenite slabs, which are ideal for charging crystals, carved into wands to help cleanse your space, or as bowls to charge your jewellery overnight. If you’re into tarot, store a small piece with your deck to shield and purify your cards.

Labradorite: buy crystals online at The WYLD Shop


A grey-bluish stone that reveals flashes of rainbow or fire depending how you hold it against the light, labradorite is one of the most fascinating crystals to hold. Said to have a strong connection to the third eye and crown chakras, labradorite is a stone for spirituality and connecting with the universe – and ideal as a companion for meditation. 

 green fluorite and amethyst: buy crystals online at The WYLD Shop
Green fluorite (left) and Amethyst

One of the most well recognised gemstones for its purple hue, amethyst is known for enhancing spiritual awareness and intuition. It’s also a strong protection stone, and is said to guard against negative vibes and energy-sucking types (you know the ones). 

 buy crystals online: malachite at The Wyld ShopMalachite

Unmistakable for its swirls of rich green, Malachite was a favourite of the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians, and was considered a stone of healing and protection. It’s still known today as a gemstone that dispels negative energy – some modern crystal healers even suggest placing a piece of malachite by your work station as an antidote to being surrounded by digital devices (and any bad juju). 

Citrine is best known as a lemon yellow stone, but is also amber or smoky in its natural state. Known as one of the best good luck stones, it’s a crystal that’s often associated with good energy and abundance – a great gemstone for your work space, especially if you’re an entrepreneur!

 buy crystals online at Wyld shop: green fluorite
Green fluorite

Fluorite is known as a stone for detoxing and decision-making. It absorbs negative energy in the body and home, and is said to enhance mental clarity. Green fluorite in particular balances the head and heart.


Can crystals be kept together? Yes! Certain combinations have been used to amplify their properties and help bring you even more good vibes or balance. Here are three powerful combinations to try:

Manifestation and abundance
Citrine, pyrite and clear quartz 

Clearing and cleansing
Selenite, black tourmaline and pyrite

Smoky quartz, black tourmaline and clear quartz

 Apophyllite, blue agate, pyrite, amethyst and fluorite: buy crystals online at the WYLD Shop
Just some of the gorgeous gemstones you can find at The WYLD Shop



You may have heard placing your crystals in a salt water bath to cleanse them, but avoid the temptation to do this – pyrite will form rust if exposed to water, and softer gemstones such as turquoise or malachite shouldn’t be left in water either as they’ll deteriorate. Some opals will lose their lustre if exposed to water, so consider yourself warned!

There are several other methods you can use that don’t involve a water bath:

  • Use a smudge stick and waft the smoke over your crystals to cleanse them.
  • If you’re into sound therapy, use the vibrations from your singing bowl to cleanse your gemstones.
  • Place your crystals under moonlight overnight – a full moon is even better.
  • Cleanse them in sunlight – but keep in mind that gemstones such as angelite may lose their colour with too much sun exposure. Keep sun baths to a minimum. 
  • Nestle your crystals in a bed of rock salt overnight.


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