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Happy Friday WYLDones, 
Hope you’ve all had a stella week! This time last Friday I was being awarded a very cool award. The Finder Magazine’s annual Expatpreneur Award. 
As I mentioned in my post, I felt so honoured to even be nominated. Our little store in the Joo Chiat Hood is only nearly 1 year old!! It feels like we have been doing this for the longgggggest time ( because technically we have lol) and although we’ve only had the store opened a short while I am overwhelmed by the positive response we’ve had from YOU!!! Our ahhmazing #wyldones that have supported our journey from the beginning, all those we’ve accrued along the way and those who we have had the pleasure of meeting this last year! It is has been a blast ~ THANK YOU!!!!!
So… last Friday The Finder Magazine put on a very swanky lunch at Mezza 9 ~ Grand Hyatt Orchard. I was greeted by members of The Finder team who I’d had correspondence with via email, so it was lovely to meet them all in person! Thank you for you hospitality and your support. 
We were able to have some mingle time with other winners which was fab, as I had not previously met most of them. I spoke at length with a lovely gentleman by the name of Charlie Scott who has resided in SG for 36 years and co-founded Sir Move Services and won the PAY-IT-FORWARD. We spoke about how over the years how the moving needs of expats around the world have changed. I was able to have a lovely chinwag with the Founder of The Meat Club - Amy Bell a fellow Aussie - who won the Small-but-mighty-award and I was seated next to another cool Aussie Ellie from The Big Blow who has been in the hair & beauty industry for 25 years!!!  We shared our stories of entrepreneurship - the good, the bad & the uuhggly! LOL… 
The event was hosted by the beautiful Sara Lyle Bow - Editor-in-Chief of The Finder who wore one of our gorgeous floral wrap dresses by Indii Breeze. We were all called by name and presented with our award. It was really special. Last time I think I was awarded something was my degree after collage!!! LOL… 
During the awards our 4 course lunch was being served - it was absolutely divine - I hadn’t had a surf and turf in a while! But let’s talk about the dessert - it looked too good eat. Seriously - a ball of chocolatey goodness - I was literally trying to escape it as I was so full… For those who know me - I LOVE FOOD - or just eating really… the thought of food, the smell of food the presentation of food gets me going!!! (as I sit here typing this from a buffet lunch spread at the (Park Royal on Pickering) LOL!!! ( did I mention I love food??) 
Then I shared a cab back to Joo Chiat Road with our nearby business neighbours Sarah and Bo Pinel who founded Tekkie Help ~ winners of the Most Innovative Award. Sarah is a regular #wyldone who’s presence in the shop has attributed to our success! So thank you girl!!! Hit these guys up if you need help with any technology issues!!! 
K… I feel like I could start waffling any moment…. But to wrap up. Winning an award like this gives me the opportunity to now talk to people about starting a business in Singapore and share my story and all the challenges faced in the hope that it might inspire those to keep trucking on and not give up or the opposite - re-think and run for the hills!!! Just kidding. Don’t give up - if things are tough - just know that it is a phase. It is meant to be how it is happening right now and the challenges you’re facing are just a stepping stone / learning curve to your start up journey. 
  1. Always have a plan - Even if it is just a rough one. Planning meaning - how much you’ll need to get started, what type of business are you, what are your streams of revenue, how many people will you need etc etc 
  2. Keep a diary of all your thoughts and ideas - physical or digital - whatever works for you - just keep them all in one place so you can always refer back to them at any time. 
  3. Always keep moving forward. Shit happens - move on. It’s hard to be prepared for pitfalls and failures and things just not going to plan - but this will happen. 
  4. Have a basic understanding of business accounting.  
  5. Know your why? Even if this changes as time goes on. Make sure YOU are starting a business because YOU want to - NOT because you think it’s what you SHOULD be doing, or because your mates are, or you think it’s a great way to make money. Ask and say to yourself “I want to start a business because…….”. See what you think of your own answer and / or get someone else’s opinion. 
  6. Be an open book. Always be willing to learn. It is a process… there is always more to know. 
  7. Get out there and Network - you have to be able to talk about your business to everyone and anyone. This is super challenging. But find some groups to be a part of, sign up for talks, courses in your field of interest or entrepreneurship / business. 
  8. Watch /Follow @Garyvee on Insta. 
  9. Be prepared for negative feedback. Embrace it. Move on. 
  10. Never stop believing in yourself. Lots of positive self-talk.
    Have a super duper fun Friday night + weekend ahead! 
    Love Kb xoxo
    FYI ~ I will be heading to the famous /infamous Marquee nightclub for a lil’ boogie woogie… tonight? Who has been and what did you think? Hit me up on @thewyldshop Insta when I post a pic of me heading down that slide…………..LOL!!!!! Mumma is going OUT to-night to get CRAZ-AY!!! XOXO 

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