The WYLD guide to wellbeing: self care tips and rituals

We know life is at once joyous, hectic, and can be a serious hustle. We're reminded of this whenever we connect with our WYLD ones online and in real life, which we love doing. What we've learned over the years is that no matter what stage you’re at in life, or what you do – whether you’re a full-time mum, entrepreneur, kicking ass in your career, studying, or all of the above and more – there is a universal truth: we all need to be proactive about maintaining balance. And that comes by looking after our wellbeing and carving time for self care. 

What factors contribute to wellbeing? We’re multifaceted humans, and this means looking after ourselves holistically: nurturing our mental health, understanding the impact of sexual health and the power of our sensuality, staying physically strong, making time for rest and recovery and indulging our senses for pure pleasure

After all, if we don’t look after ourselves first, how can we be a strong partner, friend, mother, daughter, sister, professional or mentor to anyone else?

If you need a bit of a boost or a new perspective, we’ve shared our self-care tips and the sanity-saving goodies we've curated at The WYLD Shop that help us feel uplifted, in our power, or help us relax and wind down in the interest of our own wellbeing. 

Create a daily ritual

Introducing a daily meditation practice – even a short guided meditation through an app – can help set a the tone for your day and support your ability to deal with stress. Try committing to 10 minutes each morning or evening, and make this time for yourself even more of a pleasure by lighting up a beautiful scented candle.

We’re loving the candles by Innerfyre (pictured top), which come with affirmations such as I Am Strong, I Am Unstoppable and I Am Enough – and have a healing crystal embedded in a scented blend of coconut and rice bran wax. Or treat yourself to one of  Au Naturel Life’s aromatic candles, which use a wood wick that creates a gentle crackling sound that’s extra atmospheric. 

The WYLD Shop wellbeing guide: daily rituals with au naturel life komorebi scented candle
Light a scented candle by Au Naturel Life, $40, as part of your daily ritual.

Are gemstones your vibe? We’ve curated must have crystals for the home that help clear your space, enhance your meditation practice and look divine. If you’re curious, read our Crystals 101 blog for an introduction to crystals for protection and good luck crystals to help create a sense of sanctuary in your home and elevate your daily rituals

Wyld Shop wellbeing guide: must have crystals for the home
Enhance your daily rituals with crystals

Little pleasures can mean a lot

One way of introducing more pleasure in your life is by lighting up your senses – and we love using the power of scent to help us feel uplifted or to bring on a state of relaxation when we need it.

We’ve already told you about how to use aromatherapy to your advantage with amazing home fragrances for mood and mindset. Use a diffuser to enjoy your favourite essential oil while you work from home, or light an incense stick as part of your daily ritual to take in some sublime scents.

Wyld Shop wellbeing guide: natural skincare The Body Oil by WANT
Nourish your body with natural skincare 
– we love The Body Oil, from $39, by WANT


Engage your senses while your bathe and get ready for the day – treat yourself to a beautiful handmade soap by local home spa brand Mira, introduce consciously made shampoos, hair care and scalp oil by Holistic Hair and nourish your skin with a luxe body oil by WANT skincare for a daily routine that makes you feel amazing and positively glow. 

Don’t neglect your sensual side

If you’ve been with us for a while, and seen our collection of adult toys by Smile Makers in our Joo Chiat boutique, you’ll already know that we champion sexual health and sensuality as crucial to our overall wellbeing.

We’ve said it before that women’s sexual health is a right, and we’ll say it again: your relationships with significant others throughout your life, and most importantly, your relationship with your own body depends on it. Are you still ‘vi-curious’? Read our article exploring female sexual pleasure and wellness and get acquainted with what feels right for you. 

Wyld Shop wellbeing guide: vibrators by Smile Makers support sexual wellness
Adult toys by Smile Makers support sexual wellbeing
– because your pleasure is your right

Stay physically strong

We’ve all got a lot on our plate, but one thing we can’t neglect is keeping our bodies moving – we want to be fit and strong, but make it fashion. 

Enter local brand, Butter, which we’re loving for its mix-and match range of active wear that’s perfect for staying on the move in Singapore. Its high-performance pieces offer strong support, are made from sustainable materials and are sweat-wicking, keeping us cool while working out.

Wyld Shop wellbeing guide: Butter activewear keeps us fashionable while staying fit
Butter active wear in Hot Sauce

Stay well from the inside out

If you want to support your health from the inside out, but don’t want a one-pill-fits-all approach to supplements, local brand Moom might speak to you. 

Moom is a female-founded brand that takes women’s health issues to heart, and we’re giving our systems a boost with their curated packs that address skin health, stress support, immunity and digestive relief. It’s an almost effortless way to look after ourselves – and we all want a bit more of that in our lives, right?

 Wyld Shop wellbeing guide: Moom Debloat natural health supplements
We’re supporting our health from the inside out: Moom Debloat, $39.90

Inspired to look after yourself in new ways? We’re with you – come visit us at our Joo Chiat boutique for a pep talk, or pick up any of our wellbeing faves online 24/7 in the meantime.


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