Home fragrances and aromatherapy for your mood and mindset

If there’s one thing the past couple of years have taught us, it’s that creating a sense of sanctuary at home is crucial – and one of the most powerful ways of doing this is through scent.  Home fragrances and aromatherapy have the power to uplift us, energise us or soothe us, impacting our mood and cultivating an atmosphere.

And it also helps us create a connection with a particular space. Some of the world’s most iconic hotels and boutiques, from the Gramercy Park Hotel in New York to legendary former Paris boutique Collette are renowned for using the power of perfumery to cultivate a signature scent – and we’re taking that as our cue to do just the same thing at home.

We think home fragrances and room scents are pure pleasure: whether it’s creating a daily ritual by lighting a scented candle, watching the slow burn and curls of smoke from an artisan incense, spritzing your pillow with a calming essential oil at night or simply taking in your favourite aroma from a luxury room diffuser whenever you come home, the art of home aromatherapy is one of life’s little joys. 

We let you in on the best ways to fragrance your home, with our curation of memorable home scents at The WYLD Shop…

Home fragrance candles that light us up
I have enough scented candles, said no-one ever, and our collection of candles is pretty special. Let’s start with Singapore brand Au Naturel Life (pictured top, $38): a small but sublimely scented collection of natural wax candles that evoke outdoor hikes, English gardens and fields of lavender. We love that they feature a wood wick, which creates a gentle crackling sound for an extra sensory experience. 

Newcomer to the WYLD family, Innerfyre, is another local brand that combines our love of candles and crystals. Using luxe coconut and rice bran wax and pure essential oils, each candle comes with healing or energising gemstones and a positive affirmation for the user. We’re currently loving the I Am Strong candle, with its fresh and woodsy blend of eucalyptus, cedar and cypress. 

Wyld Shop home fragrance candles: Innerfyre candles come with healing gemstones.
Innerfyre’s I Am Strong affirmation candle, $40, comes with gemstones.

Meanwhile, Riau Candle Co is a long-time fave with our WYLD ones when it comes to gifting. With scents spanning Honeysuckle Jasmine to Lemongrass Tea, these hand-poured soy wax candles give tropical vibes, and we say they’re perfect for self-gifting too. And here’s an extra feel-good factor: the brand is a fair trade social enterprise that supports struggling women and families on Riau Island.

Wyld Shop home fragrance candles: tropical scents at Riau Candle Co
Social enterprise Riau Candle Co's hand-poured soy wax candles are scented with locally sourced essential oils. From $18.

Incense – but not as you know it
We’ve come a long way from sandalwood sticks, scent lovers. While we do still love classic incense aromas, we’re loving the brands that are taking an artisan approach to blending scents. Hailing from Australia, MAHŌ pays respect to the traditions of ritual, prayer and burning, combining ancient techniques and modern perfumes to create its sensory sticks. Level up your morning meditation by burning refined blends such as Gypsy Wood, Artisan Leather and Oud Boheme.

Wyld Shop home fragrances: Maho incense sticks in Artisan Leather
MAHŌ sensory sticks, $45 per box of 30, come in a glass tube, so you can take your favourite aroma on your travels.

A little spritz of scent goes a long way
We’re recent converts to the scented spray, and we’re never going back. The beauty of this kind of room fragrance is that you can spritz your pillow, bed linen, favourite chair or even your yoga mat… and you’ll get a little sensory boost as you enjoy different aspects of your space. Stillgoods has created a collection of clever multi sprays that can be used as a linen spray, home fragrance and even as a hand sanitiser – and they’re small enough to take anywhere.

Wyld Shop home fragrances: Stillgoods multi-spray
Not just a home fragrance: these multi sprays by Stillgoods, from $9.90, can be used as a yoga mat spray, surface cleaner and hand sanitiser.

Another amazing local brand, The Verdant Lab, has its own take on luxury linen sprays. Its thoughtfully blended scents include Oakmoss & Tonka, Neroli Nectar and Honeysuckle Amber. Mist your fave on your bed sheets, your towels and in your closet to keep things fresh and smelling divine.

Home fragrances at The WYLD Shop: luxury linen sprays by The Verdant Lab
Luxury linen sprays by The Verdant Lab, $16.

Amazing aroma diffusers
We’re constantly amazed at how scent can transport us to a particular place or evoke a fond memory. If you’re a fan of The WYLD Shop, you’ll know we have strong connections to Australia, and this Sydney-based scent brand Black Blaze, which uses natural essential oils and extracts in its luxury reed diffusers to evoke unique places around the country, is a perfect fit. Call us biased, but we think these blends are amongst the best reed diffusers in Singapore.

Experts also say that diffusers are an ideal way to enjoy essential oils and fragrances, as unlike oil burners, the scents aren’t impacted by heat. If you like a
strong home fragrance, turn your reeds upside down regularly to distribute the scented oil evenly.

Home fragrances at The WYLD Shop: Black Blaze reed diffusers
Black Blaze reed diffusers come in fragrance blends such as Bondi Breeze and Rainforest Sunlight, from $49.

Beautiful burners
If, like us, you’re on the hunt for the perfect scent diffuser in Singapore, consider a traditional oil burner, but of course one that looks amazing while it’s doing the job. We’re slightly obsessed with the marble and onyx oil burners by Stillgoods, and of course we have a matching incense burner by this gorgeous little local brand too. While we’re on the topic, check out Stillgoods aromatherapy oils – we’re loving The Botanist, which is a serious contender for a signature home scent.

Wyld Shop home fragrances: black marble incense holders by Stillgoods
These marble candle holders by Stillgoods, $45, come in black and ecru

Want to experience these scents for yourself? Come by our Joo Chiat boutique to choose your favourite new home fragrance – or curate a collection to help switch up your mood and the vibe in your space.

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