6 Sunglass Styles For a Round Shape Face

Celebrities wearing sunglasses

Who doesn’t love a good pair of sunglasses? Or Should I say who doesn’t NEED a good pair of sunglasses? 

When we live on a bright & sunny island like Singapore we think it would be safe to say, that sunglasses are a very practical accessory. It is important to own a pair (or several) that not only provide protection from the sun’s strong glare but styles that you feel amaze in at the same time.  Choosing that “suitable” pair can be a difficult task no matter what face shape you have but we've chosen to focus this week on the round as there are some conflicting opinions on what will suit this face shape the best.

People's perception of themselves when they look in the mirror when they try on sunglasses can be in fact quite negative, have you ever heard or said yourself "oh gosh NO these don't suit me!!!" whereas in fact most of the time you actually look pretty awesome, but we know it really comes down to being totally comfortable so FEAR NOT WYLDones, we have a quick guide to helping you select the best sunglasses for you round face beauties. On one of our previous blog posts we have a guide to other face shapes so can check it out here.

NB: Round faces generally have key features like a wide forehead, full cheeks and rounded chin.

Characteristics of Round Face Shapes


Inspired by a bevvie of hollywood beauties like Selena Gomez, Emma Stone, Ginnifer Goodwin and Miranda Kerr, below we have put together some fun visuals designed to excite you about selecting your next new pair of sunnies and possibly adding to your ever growing eye-wardrobe!

(1) Cat-Eye

Selena Gomez wearing Cat eye sunglasses

Hands down, Cat-Eye shape sunglasses are undoubtedly one of the coolest frames to be introduced into the fashion world.  Go bold or colourful like Sel either with a gradient or mirrored lens to add contrast and definition to your face.

(2) Rectangle

Emma Stone wearing rectangle sunglasses

Rectangular sunglasses are ideal for shaping one’s face by elongate 

(3) Square

Ginnifer Goodwin wearing Square Sunglasses

The Square frame looks extremely good on a round face because of its ability to make a fuller face appear 

(4) Wayfarer

Emma Stone wearing Wayfarer sunglasses

Wayfarers are fabulous round face glasses as the thick bridge on its frames will direct people’s attention, offsetting the fuller cheeks.

(5) Aviator

Miranda Kerr wearing Aviator sunglasses

Aviators, such as the ones in Le Specs have adjustable nose pads that would prevent frames from sliding and resting on fuller cheeks. With a snap of a finger, these minimalistic designs will immediately make any outfit appear high street chic!

(7) Round

Miranda Kerr wearing Round sunglasses

Some believe that round shape faces should avoid circular frames as they tend to emphasize one’s "roundness". However, we believe that comfort = confident. So rock it round if you're feelin' it! 

There is never the worst or best sunglasses, just do whatever pleases you! LiveWYLD live Free & be who YOU wanna be!



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