A Chinwag With Leah Lambert On Her 8th Edition Of Glamorous Giving

Since starting her company, Stones that Rock, Leah has extended her brand and founded Glamorous Giving in 2014. Glamorous Giving is not just a shopping affair with the best bargains, it is a way to also give back to the community. Leah partners with the Singapore Committee for UN Women and donates proceedings to provide support for the promotion of women’s issues. For the 8th edition of Glamorous Giving, we had a little chat with Leah to find out more about the event and what we can look forward to.

You have had your brand Stones that Rock for a number of years then you founded Glamorous Giving in 2014. What was the driving force behind starting this event?

Stones that Rock had always organised small clearance sales. At the end of 2013, we decided to make our sale bigger and use it as an opportunity to raise money for a cause we believe in. So began our partnership with the Singapore Committee for UN Women and Glamorous Giving was born.

I'm sure there have been a lot of challenges you've had to face when organising Glamorous Giving, but what have you found most rewarding?

It has been very rewarding watching the development of Glamorous Giving. The growth of the event has lifted the profile of the Singapore Committee for UN Women, increasing local awareness for their work and encouraging an increase in membership.

Glamorous Giving also offers local brands the opportunity to showcase their products to a wider audience and I am delighted the event plays a part in in supporting and encouraging local businesses.

You've worked with a lot of charities in the past. Why did you choose the Singapore Committee for UN Women to collaborate with for the Glamorous Giving event?  

I strongly believe in the work the Committee does in encouraging economic independence, leadership development and helping women live lives free from violence and abuse. 

Was there a selection process for the brands that will be featured at Glamorous Giving?

Glamorous Giving is a sale event featuring lifestyle, fashion and accessories Brands. We are only limited in the number of Brands who attend by the space we have available.

Our move to the Orchard Parade Hotel for our last event in February has meant we have been able to invite more Brands than ever before to join us.

You have dedicated your time and effort to supporting women’s causes through Glamorous Giving. For new expats arriving into Singapore and even for the seasoned ones, what advice would you give to help them start their journey on giving back and choosing a charity to support?

I believe people should choose to support charities and causes they feel passionately about. My advice to anyone interested in becoming involved with a Charity would be to follow your heart but work with your head.

This is your 8th Edition of Glamorous Living. What inspires you to continue hosting the event?

Glamorous Giving is a fantastic event, which unites the community in support of a wonderful cause. It continues to grow and has become one of Singapore’s most anticipated sale events.

Are there any exciting new additions we can look forward to at the upcoming Glamorous Giving

As it turns out, Edition 8 is heavily fashion focussed and we have a fantastic line up of established and new brands, along with a number of on-line stores who are seeing Glamorous Giving as a great way to reach out to new customers. New fashion brands joining us in September are – the WYLD Shop, Shopping at Tiffany’s, The Well Dressed Society, Love-Style-Fashion, Apparella, Attaby, Maisonzhou and Simone Irani. Returning fashion brands include: Simply Silk, Risaia, Aquariva, Indii Breeze, Shop the Tropics, Blue Sea Blue, Ribbon & Roses, Anna Rainn and Theresa Cotton.

 (BASE Athletica, Desti Saint Handbags, TTG Wines)

We are extremely excited to be joining the amazing lineup of brands at the 8th edition of Glamorous Giving, we have some awesome sweet deals for you on all things WYLD.

Hope you can stop by to say hello, we'd love to see you!! 

When: 8 September 2017, 10am-8pm & 9 September 2017, 10am-4pm

Where: The Ballroom, Orchard Parade Hotel, 1 Tanglin Road (247905)

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