Studies Have Shown That Doing This Will Increase Productivity At Work

increase productivity at work

This might be the best news you’ve heard this week so put your work down for a second and book yourself a holiday. Yes, a vacation is exactly what you need to improve your productivity at work. You don’t have to feel guilty about ditching your job for a few days because studies have proven that employees who take regular vacations are the most efficient and productive workers. If there’s science behind it, you gotta believe it.

Vacations increase productivity and creativity

If you’re working yourself dry, you’re bound to burnout, which will then lower your productivity at work. Taking a couple days off work is great, but booking yourself a vacation is so much better! Taking time off your job and giving yourself a few days to rest have proven to make employees more resilient to stress and therefore, more productive. Studies have shown that 64% of people said they were “refreshed and excited to get back to my job” after a vacation.

And if you’re in a creative funk, get on a plane honey! Creativity has been stated as the most important trait an employee should have by several CEOs. We all find ourselves in a mind block sometimes and a study has shown that by spending time in nature and being disconnected from your phone for four days can boost your creativity by a whooping 50%! If you’re not already buying a ticket out of here, then what are you doing??

It’s not counted if it’s less than a week

As we like to say: the longer the better. We’re talking about vacations, by the way. This is even better news for us! Our brain takes three days of vacation to actually begin the relaxing process and once it has passed the three-day mark, the brain starts to produce fewer stress-related hormones. Give it at least a full week for your body to relax and after that, you’ll be on your A-game!

increase productivity at work

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