Emperor’s Attic: Singapore’s Furniture Shopping Destination for Oriental Antiques

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When it comes to furniture shopping in Singapore, I think most of us take the easy route and head to IKEA. No? The Swedish furniture store is great for simple and modern pieces that come in flatpack packaging, which you’ll have to put together yourself aka Dad / or handy-man hubster LOL.  I know they’re designed for simple assembly but honestly, sometimes it’s rocket science to me. I love IKEA for its convenience, but something it lacks is a handmade element. For antique and vintage pieces, Emperor’s Attic is your go-to in Singapore.

Emperor’s Attic has been around for 18 years and they never fail to provide their customers with amazing quality and gorgeous furniture from antique drawers to porcelain vases. Their pieces are sourced from Northern China so you’re guaranteed traditionally oriental antiques.

Emperor’s Attic is definitely the place to go if you’re looking for a statement piece in your home. They provide wooden furniture made from teak, pine and elm, designed into bookshelves, benches and consoles. If you’re looking for the finishing touches to complete your home, Emperor’s Attic also stocks beautiful ceramic décor, jade centrepieces and ethereal lanterns. Also, it’s rare that they stock two of the same furniture, so you’re going to own a unique piece with every purchase.

Furniture shopping in Singapore doesn’t have to be a one destination affair when you have an antique and vintage furniture store like Emperor’s Attic in your neighbourhood. You can visit them at 315 Outram Road or for ya’ll Eastsiders, come down to The WYLD Shop at 412 Joo Chiat Road and check out the antiques on display.

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Frequently Asked Question
Where do the pieces come from?

Emperor's Attic travels to Beijing and its surrounding areas twice a year and work with an independent expert and a few trusted suppliers. The owner personally selects every item that arrives in the store. They only buy from the north where the industry is still small and traditional and materials are of the highest quality. All their old pieces are restored by highly skilled craftsmen with their skills passed down through generations. All their new and old pieces are constructed using proper carpentry methods to ensure a piece that will last a lifetime and beyond.

Is everything new but made to look old? Or, is everything old?

Emperor's Attic has a mix of Antique (over 100 years old), Vintage (60-80 years old) and New (usually made from reclaimed wood). Age and materials are clearly stated on the label.

What wood are they made from?

Typically, they are Elm, or Pine. But they can also be made from Poplar and Cypress. It's important to note that the wood in the north of China is subject to extremely cold and hot weather making for strong solid wood that will last in any climate you live in.

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