Layout Ideas & Tips To Up Your Instagram Game


If you're itching to change up your instagram feed or in need for some inspiration for a cool, edgy and personalised theme, we've got you covered! Scroll through some of our favourite instagram themes and learn more about apps that will help in your revamping journey. Snap away and slay the instagram game, WYLDone!


The easiest way to keep your Instagram feed consistent and cohesive is to use the same filter for every photo. The filter you choose then becomes your personal style. Choosing the same filter is an easy way to maintain a theme and it adds a particular mood to your entire feed.

Colour gradient is an interesting way to spice up your Instagram feed. However, it requires a bit of planning. Like Michelle Phan, each of her photos gradually changes from one colour to another, which requires pre planning and editing. ASAP Rocky’s colour gradient feed is a lot easier to achieve with only each row being the same tint/colour.

Having your pictures in landscape/rectangular makes your feed unique instead of having Instagram’s usual square feed. It also adds order and spacing with consistent borders from row to row, which keeps your feed neat and aesthetically pleasing.

Minimalism is definitely in but it can be achieved in different ways. One way is to have lots of white in your feed. White, light, bright! That means always having good natural light to take your photos and then editing them by increasing the exposure. Another route is by having only a few objects in the photo with as little distraction.

Having a dark theme adds an element of mystery to your feed. To achieve it, every photo should be underexposed with as little light as possible. The dark images add an overall edgy theme to your feed.

Having one whole image in 9 different squares is a pretty way to switch up your feed. However, in the long run, this may be a little tricky. If photos aren’t posted in 3s, 6s or 9s, your images will look a little wonky and not as a whole.  

If you’re into vivid, fun colours, this feed is perfect for you. Let your creativity flow and take photos of splashy surroundings. When editing, amp up the exposure and saturation. You could either choose a flashy coloured feed or keep it slightly dainty with a pastel feed.


Apps to help curate and edit your Instagram photos:

1. Planoly: Visual planner and scheduler for Instagram to help curate your photos before they get published.

2. Mosaico: A tool to help craft and elevate your Instagram aesthetic by organizing, planning and tagging your feed.

3. Vsco: One of the most popular editing apps with film-inspired filters and professional image tools.

4. Snapseed: Complete and professional photo editor

5. Afterlight: Image editing app for quick and straightforward editing

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