The Wildest Moments At The 2017 Met Gala

No we’re not talking about the gorgeous dresses or the adorable couples. Here are the wildest moments that happened at the 2017 Met Gala and you bet we’ll never forget it.

When Rihanna once again proved she was the queen of the Met

rihanna met gala

Forever slaying and sticking to the theme every single year. Long live the queen!


When Jaden Smith brought his dreads with him 

jaden smith met gala

Because there’s no better date than your own hair, right?

When P. Diddy took a break on the famous Met stairs

p diddy met gala
Casually chilling while my girl rocks the red carpet.

When Sarah Paulson was star-struck by the Queen of pop

sarah paulson madonna met gala
Same girl, same.

When Bella Hadid came dressed for sweet revenge

bella hadid met gala

Bella Hadid: I’m seeing my ex and his new girl for the first time.
Alexander Wang: Say no more.

When the party moved to the star-studded toilet

met gala 2017

Let’s be honest, you would have rather been in that toilet than the actual ball.


What were some of your favourite moments? Let us know!

Hope you're having a lovely day!

Love, Shona

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