In my WYLDest Dreams Part #1

Fashion Internship Diary

Hello WYLDones,

My name is Alexis Soh and I am the new intern at!

After graduating from JC, I had a good 8 months of holiday to spare before starting university in the following year, August. To reward myself for surviving a hellish year of A’s, I spent my first 4 months travelling overseas with family and friends, as well as, picking up new skills along the way – sewing, jewelry beading, Photoshop and etc.

But sadly, there is only so much a girl can splurge on travelling, cafes and shopping…and since more of my friends were getting jobs and became busier, the boredom motivated me to actively look for other internship opportunities in Singapore, especially ones in the fashion field.

Thus, I feel really privileged to receive this exciting internship because I love Fashion and it’s the industry I would like to pursue a career in; and WYLD seems like a great place to start! As I begin on this fresh journey, I would like to share the next 3 months with you :)

In my first week, I’ve already learnt so much in areas of marketing, online store stock management, customer service and even event planning. Because could still be considered an online start-up, thus, I have basically been thrown in at the deep end and have had to do a myriad of different tasks.

 Internship at the WYLD shop

The internship sure started off with a surprising bang! On my very first day, I was immediately shoved into a sea of new experiences that were undoubtedly intimidating but ever so exhilarating! We were called to the SPH headquarters as our Founder Kara, and was getting featured in Female Magazine. Being my virgin experience on a professional photo shoot set, I was absolutely overwhelmed and awe-struck by the make-up artists, hair-stylists, photographers and the stunning models present ( about a jab at my self-esteem)

Being a newbie, my only contribution was using the steamer (first-timer *sigh*) to iron out wrinkles on clothes, helping to take care of Kara’s baby son Jack and taking a crap load of pics on my iPhone! (do not go anywhere near the burning  steam…ouch

Anyways, it was awesome to watch the behind-the-scenes action and overall a pretty cool first day on the job!

Day 2 wasn’t so exciting… but I was keen to get into the nitty gritty of some real work. My colleague and WYLD’s Creative Director Loo, started teaching me a few skills on Shopify, which is a powerful ecommerce platform that manages online stores. I learnt how to organize products into collections, customize storefront, track sales count and a few other things. There is just so much to learn!! And I am positive these skills will come in handy. As they say “the future is online

Another thrilling assignment given to me was writing blog articles! Having studied literature for 4 years, I’ve always loved writing and considered venturing into journalism. This internship opportunity allows me combine both fashion and writing simultaneously, talk about killing two birds with one stone!

 One task, which was comparatively duller but unarguably important, was the measuring of the garments. This information is actually crucial for customers to make more informed choices for their online purchase, who would’ve thought! You definitely learn something new everyday and if it wasn’t for my internship experience here, I would have never given this a second thought!

[Helpful tip: if you want to sell garments online – best to give customers clear measurements to go by]

Singapore Internship Experience - photo shoot

Last but not least, I had the honour of modelling for theWYLDshop! This mini photo shoot was extremely fun and gave me a brief glimpse into the hard work behind each Instagram/Facebook post. (being a model is tough work HAHA)

In conclusion, it was a pretty hectic week but a great kick start to my WYLD experience!! Stay tune for more :)))

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