In My WYLDest Dreams Part #2

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Happy Tuesday WYLDones!

Back to share with ya’ll another exciting week of working here at theWYLDshop :) 

Interning here is never dull. I am constantly challenged, learning something new everyday – from simple tasks like sending my first registered mail to more riveting duties like preparing for a fashion show.

Last week’s schedule was definitely more hectic. There were meetings with individuals and companies all of whom theWYLDshop could potentially work with. I had to sit in for all of them and I even got to take the minutes on occasion. It was interesting to hear the business-focused discussions, listening to the various innovative ideas being thrown around so that both companies could benefit. It was great to be a witness at these meetings as I felt that the topics covered will be really useful to me in the future, since I am bent on studying communications and business in upcoming uni!! Just from a few meetings, I feel I know a little more about online and offline marketing, event planning and the importance of social media of an online start-up.

During the course of the week, I was given the mammoth task of organizing the “stock room” With an online business such as theWYLDshops’ there is an abundance of styles as new stock is arriving all the time! I certainly felt I had to get down and dirty and propelled myself into the treacherous clutches of the chaotic mess and re-organized it without a hitch. Thanks to my OCD nature (for once), I managed to re-organize all the stock according to individual brands and styles. (the transformation was truly surreal HAHA… I hope it stays this way!)

[Helpful tip: if you’re an online fashion retailer, make sure everything is well organised by brands and/or by seasonal styles to make it easier for identification and stock count of remaining pieces and sizes]

However, it is not all work and no play at theWYLDshop …especially when your boss’s only instruction is to watch GossipGirl on Netflix!! Writing a blog for a company is something very foreign to me, Kara felt that GG was a portal for inspiration in order to give me an understanding of an “audience” and to develop my writing skills. After watching a few episodes, I can see why people get hooked and watch back to back episodes, there really is SO MUCH to gossip about and the Fashion is AHmazing!! Nicely put, I finally got to Netflix and chill YASSSS (absolutely no complaints here J) To all the GG fans out there Chuck or Nate? LOL

I know I am just learning, but the one thing that had me slightly on edge was creating graphics using Photoshop. Having only recently taught myself how to use the program, I felt I was not very adept in using the software. I am now very aware what goes into the imagery used in print and online media. To be honest I struggled a little when the work I had done was unsatisfactory and I was asked to re-create the whole project!! **cues heart shattering noises**

Lesson learnt: be patient and open-minded, willing to retry, as everything is a learning progress. This process enabled me to become more sensitive and think more about what you guys would want to see (rather than just making it aesthetically pleasing to myself…oops).

What is a fashion internship without a little glitz and glamour?? Now, onto the shining, glimmering highlight of my week – the American Women’s Association (AWA) “Straits Chic” Fashion Runway 2016!! I had the honour of following Kara and Loo to the exclusive event held by the AWA, celebrating their members by putting on a fancy luncheon and a Fashion Show at the Park Royal on Beach Road. The day before was a little frantic and my job was to help prepare for the show, I steamed, I packed, I unpacked and packed again LOL. It is really astounding how many items a luggage can hold!!

On the day itself, we gathered at the “wee” hours of 8.20am to do final preparations. Transferring 2 massive suitcases, a full-length mirror, a sunglass rack and even a huge trunk of clothes to the Hotel venue, it really was quite an effort, but we did well as a team to get it all there and set it up. There wasn’t a great deal of space to work with, but what we brought filled the space nicely. Loo and Kara showed me how to merchandise and display our wares so that customers could easily see and access the items. This was an event that had not participated in before so it was a great way to meet new customers. And they were lovely!!

Because the AWA has predominantly American Members (well…duh), the models strutting the runway were of all shapes and sizes, which was great to see and they ranged from a size 8 (US 4) to a size 14 (US 10). The line up certainly promoted a variety of healthy, beautiful, strong women with character and a little sass. The loud cheers of friends and supporters definitely made the atmosphere and vibe of the event more fun and the models on the runway certainly looked like THEY were having fun. This is something I have observed only in two weeks… that having #fun with fashion is what being WYLD is all about!! So for expats living in Singapore we are a great place to shop at, as we cater for a variety of sizes UK/AUS 6 – 14 (US 2-10).

Here are some snap shots from the show: These stunning outfits were hand-picked by yours truly…theWYLDshop ;)

AWA "Straits Chic" Fashion Runway Outfits

AWA "Straits Chic" Fashion Runway Outfits

Overall, it was definitely a memorable day and event for me. My first ever fashion show and being served champagne, smoked duck, Cajun beef (omg yumsss) really blew me out of the water! I am so thankful for this internship opportunity!! 

To end off, here are some behind-the-scenes picture taken:

Behind-the-Scenes Pictures

I am not sure what’s in store for this week but I can’t wait to share it with you!!! :))

It’s a secret I’ll never tell…
Gossip Girl

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