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Happy Easter WYLD Ones! 
Hope you’ve had an amazing week!
Just wanted to give you a brief story on how WYLD came about and it all started with this awesome Iconic Australian Sunglass Brand called Le Specs. I also want to share some (hopefully) helpful info on which sunglasses would be the most suitable for your face shape. 
Before coming to Singapore, I had been working as a sales rep for a company called Sunshades Eyewear, who are the largest distributors of eyewear in Australia, who are responsible for the design and manufacturing of the Le Specs brand along with many others.
Upon moving to Singas in late 2010, I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to introduce Le Specs to local retailers. It was one of my favorite brands, so I was excited! I loved Le Specs because they have awesome innovative designs, are super well priced & have a range that has something for everyone, so I knew people would love them! So I basically hit the ground running, knocking on doors and not by any surprise I quickly gained interest.
So as the title says, Le Start with Le Specs…. I had to then go through the trials and tribulations of setting up a company in Singapore as a foreigner…. But eventually… WYLD was created… I won’t go too much into the setting up of the business stuff now… as this is meant to be brief (and I am not great at the best of times keeping it brief, but I do try) 
So speeding ahead nearly 5 years later with WYLD having gone on a roller coaster ride we are still here in full force carrying the new Season Preview Collection of Le Specs! Because we LOVE them!!

 As a start-up e-commerce business in South-East Asia we still face continuous challenges, i.e hiring profesh models ;) So for this new collection I thought I'd play "model for a day"!!  Which might I just add is HARD!  Even though it was just face shots, trying to get the right pose / angle going was very difficult. I had the photographer almost yelling at me "put your chin down, look this way... no THIS WAY".... it was hilarious.... and tiring.... but we had a super fun time as we always do. So by taking some infamous #selfies (below collage) my trusted photographer, Loo managed to get a few shots in the end (above collage)! 

SO... what Sunglasses will suit your face shape? 

The basic shapes are heart, square, oblong, oval and round.
I found this great visual diagram done by the beautiful Michelle Phan here,  Check out her amazing Blog! 

Heart Shape: If you have this shape face your brow and cheekbones are wider, your jawline is quite narrow and streamlines towards a pointed chin. This shape can wear a variety of styles that include cats eye, round and oversized frames. Suggest styles - Halfmoon Magic, Vertigo & Hollywood Blvd
Square Shape: You have a lovely structured shape that sees your forehead, cheek bones and jawline are of a similar proportion. Curved frames like, cats eye, aviators, wayfarers, butterfly and round are good styles for you. Suggested styles: Neo Noir, Runaways & Hey Macarena.
Oblong Shape: A long face shape is where the length is nearly double the width but has similar features to that of the heart and square. You'll look fab in over-sized frames, but generally stick to tall, round, square styles. Suggested styles: Whaam, Runaways & Hermosa.
Oval Shape: A great balanced shape where you generally have a wider forehead and cheekbones that compliment your slightly curved chin. Rectangle shaped frames are great as they accentuate your cheekbones, but you're able to wear most frame styles like cats eye, aviators and oversized. Suggested Styles: Captain CourageousHollywood Blvd, Porthole.
 Round Shape:  If you have this shape your face width and length are almost the same but your cheeks are slightly wider where the curves are soft and contoured. Make sure you wear frames that are geometric, angular or horizontal that slightly lengthen but accentuate the soft facial features. Suggested Styles: Hermosa, Easy Cowboy, Captain Courageous.
Check out another great diagram I found from The Beauty Department to help you decipher what shape you are! Reckon I am a bit of a mix between heart, square and maybe oval??? 
Have fun working out which face shape you are, post a pic of yourself if you want any help! 
Have an eggcellent Easter longggg weekend! 
 ♥ Kb xx

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