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Hello lovely WYLDones! It’s me Eileen again! 

I mentioned in the last post that I would tell you a little bit more about myself.  

So, I’ve recently returned back from 5 years studying in Australia. In the first 2 years I was finishing high school in Adelaide and the last three years have been spent researching, writing essay after essay burning the midnight oil but was always up for letting my hair down for a good party after the exam and assignment periods were over! But, I’ve graduated successfully & happily with a BA. majoring in Media and Communications. University life is sure going to be hard to top and forget as it has definitely been the BEST TIME OF MY LIFE so far.  

In saying that, when I initially moved to Oz, I was a little out of my comfort zone and not knowing any single soul out there was intimidating. However, I quickly overcame my fears and got on with it as it was my choice to move to another country!! But to say the least, the experience of being abroad has been a roller coaster ride with lots of ups and lots of downs, the downs I must admit were pretty tough. However, I’m really glad things happened the way they happened because I wouldn’t be where I am today with clear vision and direction of where I want to go and who I want to be.  

I learnt some harsh lessons about people but it taught me the value of true friendship and opened my eyes to the sometimes harsh reality of today’s world and the people who live in it. On the flip side, I am very thankful for the amazing friendships that have been forged with so many different people from all over the world who I now stay in close contact with. They are an integral part of my journey and have been and continue to be an extremely positive influence in my life. 

Before I moved to Oz, I thought Australians had a fairly laidback culture. After 5 years of living there, I can confirm this is pretty much true. However, their approach to fashion I believe is certainly not.  As an art’s degree student living on campus, I was amazed by the number of people who really dressed up just to come to class!  By dress up I mean, making an effort in their appearance, hair and makeup (for the girls & some boys) done beautifully. There were a plethora of different styles!! 

For instance, you will see girls getting around in their high heeled boots and printed dress, super bohemian chic chicks and girls dressed with a very cool minimalist style.  And it didn’t matter what faculty the students were in, loads of girls made the effort! That being said, I particularly enjoyed being an arts student as we could dress as loud and as proud as we wanted.  

Here are some visuals during my time in Melbourne!  


Melbourne Graffiti lane @ Bourke Street 



 My college where I lived for 3 years


Brighton Beach



I left Singapore when I was 17, straight after the stressful O’ level period that all Singaporean secondary school kid go through. So fast forward 5 years, I’m finally back to the beautiful sunny Singapore for good! 

So now I’m interning at theWYLDshop.com which offers a wide spectrum of high street Australian fashion labels like MinkPink, Evil twin, Staple the label, Paint it Red and also an amazing range of Le Specs which I became quite familiar with, as I think every 1 in 3 Aussies owns a pair and are stocked widely across the country.  

Living in Australia has allowed me to explore more of my personal style and what I love about Australian fashion is how it is always so playful and cheeky, sometimes exuding a hint of sexiness.  

Personally, I feel that women in Singapore could be more daring and adorn themselves in outfits that portray more of their own unique personality and it’s great to be working with brands that are now available in Singapore on theWYLDshop.com that have a very distinct persona, e.g  MinkPink is fun, quirky with a vinatge feel, while Evil Twin is more punk streetstyle and Somedays Lovin which embodies beautifully the essence of a true bohemian vibe.  

That is why our motto ‘ Live WYLD and Live Free, Be who you wanna be’, it ties in closely to our range of Australian fashion brands we bring in. We want you to be who you really are and not conform to societal norms to look a certain way or to look like anyone but youself Remember you are beautiful in every single way and at theWYLDshop.com we want you to explore new pieces from our brands, enjoy them, feel amazing in them, enhance your unique individuality,  boost your confidence but most importantly HAVE FUN!!!!  

Anyone spent time in Australia either work, study or play? Share with us some highlights from your journey or let us know what you think of Australian Fashion?  

Till then, xx

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