50's style Midi dress

50s style Midi dress: The new ‘it’ thing?


Midi Dresses. Yes those 50’s style dresses that are tight around your waist, accentuating that sexy waistline and flare down to the bottom.  These dresses are perceived as the ‘barely there’ not too short or not too long, making it really difficult and frustrating to pull off. In fact, it is one of the most troublesome lengths of all as it is very easy to look frumpy in a dress that hits at mid-calf. You wouldn’t want to look so badly dressed or swallowed up into a big ball of fabric! Do you?

However the 50s style midi dresses have been a big hit this season and when styled properly, it will be the most fabulous skirt you’ve ever owned! It can also be an incredible statement piece which I’m sure will entice everyone’s attention.


Let me first share with you some tips of how to style with a gorgeous 50’s style dress!


5 Reasons why you should own a Midi dress


1) Date night

2)Casual streetwear: If you do not want to be too dressy, layer it with a white blouse to bring out that casual look

3)To bring out that rocker personality of yours, pair it with a leather jacket

4)Wear over a blouse to neutralize the dressiness

5)Celebrities are a big fan of midi dresses

So which 50's style Midi Dress do you think look the best? Or do you have any other ways to style it?  I would love for you to share with me! 

Till then xx


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