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It's the weekend WYLD Ones - WHOOP! 

Thought I'd share a quick Q & A I did with the super talented Designer of Vamastyle. 

It is an absolute pleasure and privilege to work with this Aussie lady. Her energy and beautiful smile is infectious and is only a few years into building her swimwear and resort wear brand Vamastyle. We are HUGE fans and were super keen to get the low-down on a few of her thoughts and feelings and an insight on how she runs her Biz balancing life as a Mamma and Entrepreneur. Hope you enjoy - check out her "TROPICALE" Collection ON SALE NOW!!! 

Have a good one! 

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tWs: Tell us briefly about how Vamastyle started? 
K:  Vamastyle started 4 years ago in Singapore, I'm very much a summer girl so it made sense to have a year-round summer label, and what better place to launch it in the tropical sunny Singapore!
tWs: You are now based back in Hong Kong, how many people do you now have in your team in HK? 
K: Yep back in HK and right up close to all our production network. I love HK it's an incredible place to run a business from. Stuff gets done in a flash of a minute. We have 3 people in our HQ.
tWs: Social media is such a prominent aspect of having an online business, how has social media impacted your sales? Are you able to share with us the % of sales that come from social media?  
K: it's been fundamental to our growth and success. And over the last year SM direct sales are now accounting for 78% of our overall sales, the rest is via pop up events & boutiques. 
tWs: Being an Australian Expat, was setting up a Fashion label difficult in Asia and can you describe the main challenges you faced and how you overcame them? 
K: Actually, no it wasn't that hard at all, we've already set up and established the business in Hong Kong as it's the hub way for global distribution. The local tax & regulations are always changing a little so it's always worth asking other like minded business, which accountants / advisors they use to make sure you have all areas covered.
tWs: What is unique about Vamstyle and how do you compare to other resort / swimwear brands?  
K: Vamastyle is a swim & resort label which a focus for fun, fresh and signature prints. We love incorporating these prints across all 3 areas of our products ( swim , resort & bags ), making each collection look cohesive and connected. 
tWs: Where do you derive Inspiration from when designing a Vamastyle collection? 
K: Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, interior mags like Elle Decor ( France ), Australian, UK, French, Italian, Spanish Vogue. Old Japanese woodblock and textile books, Tile designs from Turkey, Italy, Morocco, Spain. Ikat designs from Indonesia.
tWs: You have 2 beautiful little boys,  how do you balance your work and family life? Any coping tips for aspiring female entrepreneurs with a family?  
K: thank you, I've just recently starting adding 2 x 20min Vedic meditation sessions into my daily routines. Which has made the most profound change. I am able to cope with stress far more, less agitated and I really feel I'm much more relaxed around my boys. Which is allowing me to feel a much more balanced life. As I feel so energized from the practice plus it gives so much clarity too. I know it's not for everyone, but this style suits me perfectly. I've even got my 7yr old doing our morning session together ( he lasts about 2 mins haha then walks off ). 
tWs: As a mother of two, you look incredible!! Any advice on how you managed to stay in a good shape during and after pregnancy?  
K: Oh wow blushing thank you, during pregnancy it's a tricky one as it really depends on so many other factors. I have to stay away from any sugar -  so I guess that helped me to stay healthy during both pregnancies. After wards I turned up the training with PT sessions a combo of HITT & weights are my faves. Plus loved do Pilates to find my core strength again & Ozfit for the unbeatable girl power crew. 
tWs: It’s a slow process but Aussie fashion brands are becoming increasingly popular in Singapore, what are your thoughts on Australian Brands trying to enter new markets?  
K: yes it is but I think it's a perfect match for Singapore, as so many Aussie brand have a huge summer focus in their designs, it makes sense to be present in Singapore.
tWs: And we always love to know, if you could have a coffee date with anyone in the world, who would that be and why?  
K: Arghhhh too hard to choose, but I would go with Natalie Massenet ( Founder of Net-A-Porter ) I've been such a fan for so long and would LOVE to hear thoughts on the whole fashion & online business angle as well as the family balance with 2 children. She would be fascinating to talk too.

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