5 Curvalicious Bombshells We're Obsessed With 😍


At WYLD we're all about self-love no matter the size. Whether you're a size 0 or 20, rock that bod girl cause you're beautiful in your own way. Yes, we love chicks with six packs, small waists and firm high water booty's,  but we can't help but be charmed by these curvalicious babes who ooooze confidence. CONFIDENCE is honestly one of THE most attractive qualities you can possess and these bombshells really know how to rock their curves. Check them out! 


From our Founder....

"There is a lot of negativity that surrounds the rise of social media and it's "interference in our daily lives" esp when it comes to body image and the way we perceive our lives. But the positive is that social media gives everyone a chance to express themselves and the beauty in that is that it can help people relate to one another and open up a dialogue and communication with strangers - people whom we've never met before, whom we'll probably never meet. It allows people to draw inspiration, show admiration and spark adoration that ultimately makes them feel good about themselves and their life... which I believe most of us strive to achieve.  We all know that it can also have the complete opposite effect but I'll save that for another day...." Have a super wonderful day WYLDones ♥ kb xx

Below is a little quote that I'd like to share that is not only extremely relevant in my life today, as I am on this incredible journey of self-discovery and awareness but words that we usually brush off or hear but don't believe and act upon.. So I assure you, that if you start a journey that focuses on loving yourself a little more ( it will take time and practice) but I almost guarantee your life will change..for the better.. xx 

"Learning to love yourself is the greatest gift of all" - Whitney Houston 

Check out that gorgeous smile! We're totally mesmerised by her innocent grin and youthful glow. Scrolling through her instagram, I'm so amazed at how much she resembles a doll! Check out how Erika rocks those shorts and bikinis, we're completely living for it!

La'Tecia is an incredibly talented Australian model, makeup artist and Youtuber. For styling inspiration, check out her lookbooks on her youtube channel for fashion inspo. Her wardrobe is to die for and her choice of pieces perfectly complements her shapely figure. And can we talk about those bikini shots??? HOT DAMN. 🔥

With 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube (holy shizzz!) Loey is probably the most famous plus-size youtuber. I have a tiny obsession with eyebrows, and Loey's eyebrows are giving me life!! If you're a horror lover, check out Loey's channel for supernatural stories and also some lookbook videos for inspo.

Passion is a body positive activist and a fashion and beauty youtuber. I mean check out that beat face (NEED that lip colour)!! Passion's youtube channel is perfect for voluptuous beauties where she tries on plus-size clothing on camera and reviews them as well as gives tips for styling a curvy bod. 

Holy. Hot. Damn. Look at this ravishing beauty! 😍 I could totally see her walking down the Victoria's Secret runway and strutting her stuff. Vanessa is a professional model (duh!) who continues spreading body positivity to her large audience through social media. I think I've found my new #WCM, I'll let the photos do the talking because I am literally speechless. 😵


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