7 Women-Only Gyms In Singapore For A More Comfortable Workout

women only gym singapore
Working out can be a little bit of a chore especially if you're not sweating it out in a comfortable environment. Your round-the-corner gym may be convenient in distance but not all the equipment are designed for the female body. A women-only gym doesn't just equip their workouts for the female anatomy, you also get to burn that cheeky cheeseburger off with a group of empowering ladies that'll support you through it all. Working out while having fun with incredible women cheering you on? Sign me up!
1. Van Lee Fitness
van lee fitness women muay thai singapore

Photo credits: Van Lee Fitness

Started by Singapore Police Force and Armed Forces’ trainer, Vanessa Lee, Van Lee Fitness is the first all-women Muaythai fitness gym in Singapore. If you’re not about that treadmill and jogging life, muaythai is definitely a more fun option to burn those calories. Muaythai comprises mainly of punches and kicks, so you’ll definitely be letting loose of all that negative energy. Together with their all-women team, Van Lee Fitness aims to empower women and instil confidence through this traditional Thai sport.

2. Amore Fitness & Boutique
amore fitness and boutique singapore

Photo credits: Amore Fitness & Boutique

For those of you who feel like a little jiggy and wanna own the dance floor, Amore Fitness is the place for you. They offer different dance classes from hip hop to the sensual belly dance. Every work out class will have you sweating to sick beats. If you’re not into dancing, they also offer relaxing yoga and pilates classes. And for the cherry on top, finish off your workout at their spa with a body message or a revitalising facial.

3. HerLifts
herlifts singapore

Photo credits: HerLifts

Sometimes public gyms aren’t the best for women because the equipment aren’t constructing for the female body. Focusing on strength training, Herlifts designs their workouts and equipment for the female physique. This ensures that every woman gets the best training whether it’s through their group classes or their personal training sessions.

4. Lava Yoga Singapore
lava yoga singapore

Photo credits: Lava Yoga Singapore

The biggest Hot Yoga Studio in Japan has landed in Singapore and you Eastsiders are in for a treat. This yoga studio allows you to choose from a range of programs so you can concentrate on different parts of your body. Whether you’re looking to work on your breathing or the tensions in your shoulders, Lava Yoga has got you. Relax your body, clear your mind and move along to their original soundtrack.

5. Body Temple
body temple singapore

Photo credits: Body Temple

Body Temple isn’t just a place to work out, it also places importance in your overall wellbeing by bringing in physiotherapists, osteopaths and nutritionists. If you’re looking for a particular area of interest, their all-women team include specialist in rehabilitation, endurance event preparation, life coaching as well as pre- and post-natal. So you mummies who are trying to keep in shape or lose the baby weight can do it safely with the help of the professionals at Body Temple.

6. Philip Wain Health & Beauty Club
philip wain singapore

Photo credits: Philip Wain Health & Beauty Club

If you want to work out in luxury while also being pampered, Philip Wain is your go-to place. Not only do they offer a variety of fitness classes from strength training to getting your groove on at their dance classes, they have a spa full of pamper services for you to wind down. Whether you feel like getting a massage, a facial or your nails done, Philip Wain has got everything to spoil you rotten.

7. Mom In Balance
mom in balance singapore

Photo credits: Mom In Balance

We know mummies and mummas to-be have a hard time juggling their time. Most of their energy goes into their kids and sometimes they forget about their own wellbeing. Mom in Balance provides a supporting team of women to help mummies get in shape and feel better inside and out. Their trainings take place at various parks around Singapore, so you’ll be enjoying the greenery and fresh air while burning those calories.





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