A Christmas Gift Guide For Every Gem In Your Life

It's nearing to the end of the year and it's that time of the year where we crack our brains on what to buy for our loved ones for Christmas. If you're stressing out, fret not, we're here to help you out a little. Whether it's for that special man in your life or your amazing mum, we've gotcha. Check out our Christmas gift guide and remember to have a fabulous Christmas and party hard, WYLDones! A very Merry Christmas to you gorgeous gals. 


Pasta maker (buy)
Jamie Oliver cookbook (buy)
Kitchenaid (buy)

If you’ve got that one friend that can’t stop eating, we’ve got the perfect gifts for the foodies in your life. Let them get to work in their own kitchens by letting them cook up some luscious homemade pasta with their very own pasta maker!! After a hearty dinner, these food lovers can bake some comforting cakes using their new KitchedAid stand mixer. And of course, foodies will need their very own cookbook to start their culinary journey on becoming the next Gordon Ramsay.

Foot massager (buy)
Bath melts (buy)
Yankee candle (buy)

Being a mum is a full-time job with no off days so I think all mummies out there should be allowed to treat themselves during the festive season. For the full pamper session, a foot massager is a must after all those gruelling days when they're on their feet 24/7. Allow the wonder woman in your life to take a relaxing bath using melts for a luxurious bath cocktail and don't forget to light a scented candle to complete the perfect home spa. 

Watch case (buy)
Foosball game (buy)
Shaving set (buy)

It's always a challenge when Christmas shopping for that special man in your life?? No??  Because you want it to be just right and we want them to go "oh wow babe, thanks, I really needed this"!!! hahahaha... us women.. we're always fishing for a reaction 😜.  So we've got 3 great #inspogifts to make your man fall for you all over again. Firstly, a fooseball table; unique but definitely a cool decor piece for his office. If he's a collector of stylish watches, this wooden watch case is a classic yet masculine option for storing those covetable timepieces. And lastly, if you prefer your eye candy smooth as a baby's bum (his face I am referring too) a shaving kit is a must.  

Rocking speaker chair (buy)
Polaroid camera (buy)
Mini cooler (buy)

Teenagers can certainly be a challenge when it comes to Chrissy pressies or any pressies for that matter... So it's wise to choose carefully... So we've chosen so cool millennial gifts for that lil' teenybopper in your life to earn extra brownie points. Replace the bulky sofas with this uber cool rocking chair-cum-speaker system. Another addition to a teen's room that every millennial hopes to own is their very own mini cooler. Don't ever have to leave the room for a drink (sprite or orange juice that is) ever again! Lastly, teenage years are all about making amazing memories with friends so a  polaroid camera is THE perfect gift to give so they can get happy snapping all those unforgettable moments. 

christmas gift guide

Alphaberry (buy)
Keyboard (buy)
Toy ride (buy)

These guys are by far the easiest people to buy gifts for tbh... cos not only do they not really have anything to compare it too... babies are usually super content with any toy that is new that can keep them entertained! Whether it's to improve their language development, musical skills or for just plain fun, here are 3 ideas for you. 

christmas gift guide

Larson & Jennings watch (buy)
D&G phone case (buy)
QUAY X Kylie sunnies (buy)

When shopping for fashionistas, it's best to stay away from garments because these divas can be reallyyyyy picky. Instead, opt for accessories that help to enhance their overall look, they'll definitely be thanking you (and the fashion Gods). Of course every fashionista has to have a stylish phone cover and what screams chic more than a Dolce & Gabbana case? A gold watch is perfect for that extra bling on the wrist and to complete the look, gift them some trendy shades and viola, you've made a fashionista very happy. 

Sangria pitcher (buy)
Cocktail set (buy)
Whiskey barrel (buy)

I think we've all got that one friend who always seems to have a glass of booze in hand. These alcohol enthusiast are living the dream during the festive season with champagne and mulled wine being served at every party, but you can be the cherry on top of their Christmas ~miracle~. During the party season, Sangrias are a hot favourite among the crowd and a pitcher would make the perfect party addition. For those who favour the rich taste of whiskeys, a barrel is a super cool way to serve your guests. And finally to earn extra hosting points, shake up a cocktail for the crowd with your very own cocktail set.

Have a fabulous time shopping WYLDones! 

lots of love Shona xx

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