A Recap: The Most Iconic Moments Of 2017

We break down the most ICONIC, EPIC & WOKE moments of 2017 and we sure as hell can't wait for more in 2018!!

Oscar mix-up

The first blunder in Oscar history and a pretty huge one. Actually I'm being nice, it was a MASSIVE error. I personally enjoyed both La La Land and Moonlight and wouldn't have minded if either won best picture but not gonna lie, that mix-up was pretty epic to watch. I was laughing my ass off when it happened but I'm sure the director of La La Land wasn't. This fiasco will go down in Oscar history and you can bet it'll never be forgotten. 

Beyonce gives birth to twins

Queen Bey can't do anything without slaying, can she? Her pregnancy announcement made everyone go wild! I mean did you see the pictures? She looked like an ethereal goddess with her pregnancy glow and that AH-MAZEBALLS floral backdrop. But it didn't stop there, once she birthed her beautiful twins, she blessed the world with yet another jaw-dropping pic. She really is a queen isn't she.

Kylie Jenner & Khloe Kardashian's pregnancy announcement

Speaking of babies, of course we can't forget the Kardashian pregnancy announcements of the year. Yes, it may not be confirmed just yet, but come on, they're totally preggo. Mama Kris is just waiting for the perfect time to drop the bomb in the biggest publicity stunt that will shock the world. I honestly can't wait for it! But in all seriousness, I'm super happy for Khloe and Kylie and I'm sure they'll be incredible mummies.

Fenty Beauty launch

In my opinion, Rihanna totally owned 2017. It's one to create your own beauty line, but to have such an inclusive and diverse range (40 foundation shades!) on her first try, Rihanna's not playing around honey. As someone who owns some of the Fenty Beauty products myself, I can tell you they definitely do not disappoint. They've become a holy grail in my makeup routine and I know I'll be repurchasing her products till the day I die (not an exaggeration). 

Stranger Things Season 2

If you haven't binge watched season 1 and 2 of Stranger Things, what are you doing??? After its outstanding first season, Stranger Things was renewed for a second season which aired just a couple of days before Halloween (to get in the spooky mood). If Season 1 didn't already prove the success of the Netflix show, Season 2 definitely sky-rocketed the fame and popularity of the series and the kids. Honestly, these kids are such incredibly talented gems that have won the hearts of the viewers. 2017 was definitely the year of Stranger Things and guess what? We've got Season 3 to look forward to ;)

Ed Sheeran in Singapore 

This may be a little biased but I had to put this in because it was the highlight of MY 2017. If you don't know, I'm a massive Ed Sheeran fan. When I say massive, I mean MASSIVE. The whole journey was an emotional rollercoaster for me. From the announcement of his concert to him breaking his arms and almost cancelling his tour, this man had me in tears every second of the way. But to finally be in the Indoor Stadium, standing just a few metres away from him (there was no way I wasn't gonna get the best seats in the house), you can bet I was bawling my eyes out (true story). From seeing him through Youtube videos to actually witnessing this Ginger Jesus slaying with just his guitar and a loop pedal, Ed Sheeran is undoubtedly an incredibly talented performer who might just be the man of my dreams. 


It was the end of an era when Selena and The Weeknd parted ways, but what came after melted our hearts. Yasss, Jelena is back baby!! These two lovebirds had quite a rocky relationship in the past with their constant on-off romance but I honestly believe these two are back for good (and for a longggg time). I think this couple has had the time to grow and mature having taken some much needed time out from their careers to focus on themselves and their health (Selena mostly who underwent a kidney transplant in September). But it seems they just can't help but gravitate back towards each other. This relationship is definitely going to go far and I really couldn't be happier for them :) And our WYLD CEO feels the same...she is a #BIGFAN #lovesthem #playsbieberalldaylong #hasallthebiebermerch #lol

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle get engaged

Another royal wedding is on its way! With rumours of their engagement flying around the past couple of months, the couple finally made it official and we can't be more excited! This union truly represents a revolution in the British Royal Family. With Meghan's multi-cultural background, this marriage symbolises racial integration and multiculturalism in the monarchy. Also, we can't wait for more royal babies! Imagine how cute they're gonna be! ADORBS! Check out this cool interview from Harpers we saved... #Gush 

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