And the winner of EXPAT LIVINGS READERS’ CHOICE AWARDS 2023 IS .........US!

expat living reader's choice awards 2023

YES! YAY, it's us!!! It most certainly is us..... not just for this award, which we are truly grateful for, SO THANK YOU - for all who took the time to vote!!! It means the world to myself & all WYLD Crew!!! 

But WINNER's because of YOU anyway.... with or without this award. 

Howdy WYLDones, 

Kb here, just popping up on the BLOG to write a little appreciation post. Appreciation for you. YES... YOU. OUR WYLDones... 

The curious WYLDone who visited for the first-time yesterday, the special ones who come in EVERY Saturday after dropping their babies off at dance or tuition to say hello, to our wonderful WYLD Neighbours, our lovely locally based ones who live far from Joo Chiat who frequently visit us online, to the amazing array of visitors from all over the world and of course to our incredible OG's and loyal ones who've been there from the start of it all and who continue to prop us up! 

We APPRECIATE you so very much! You and your family members bring us so much joy!! We truly look forward to another year of sharing and showcasing amazing products from all our cool brands, hosting some fun events and hanging out with you on the purple couch while you experiment with your style and do mini fashion shows for us out of our fitting rooms!! lol

And as it seems, it's actually coming up 5 years for us in Joo Chiat and to see how we and the whole street has evolved is just crazy amazing. 5 YEARS!! I know wtf! I have had my business coach, Patricia Kaziro here from Sydney this week (yes! I have a business coach & have done so for 3 years and counting - more on this topic later) and have been giving her the low down on everything weird WYLD and wonderful! 

WARNING : A little impromptu REFLECTION exercise.

Just for a mini stop and reflect on the last 5 years, for you. What have you done in that time? What hardships have you faced and overcome?  What are 5 things are you proud of yourself for during this period? Big, small or indifferent. It might take you a while...... but take your time. And I want you to read that list out loud to yourself. How do you feel? 

Well, I hope AWESOME. Cos, you are! We are constantly judging ourselves and others on what we / they "haven't achieved or what we / they haven't done" and sometimes when we take the time to appreciate all that we / they HAVE done... it gives us a boost to carry on and push forward. Anywayss... regardless.. I am proud of you and I have had the privilege of witnessing some of you achieve such wonderful things as well as overcome major difficulties and this in itself is an achievement. Take another moment to be proud of yourself. 

And to wrap up, I'd like to thank EXPAT LIVING Mag for conducting these annual awards and of course to my wonderful WYLD Crew who I value so deeply for being the reason why everything ticks along. You are one of my things in 5 years I am v. proud of. I appreciate you and Thank you.... xx

I sincerely hope you all continue to Live WYLD and Live Free and be who you want to be - Dare to dream and take lots of actions to ensure those dreams turn into your reality. 

Always with Love & Gratitude, 

Kb xoxo


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Congratulations on your special award! Well done Kara & Wyld ones! So very proud of your achievements!

Janyne Dawes May 18, 2023

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