Christmas Gift Guide For Her: Build a Custom Gift Set To Show Her Your Love

We’re heading into the gift-giving Olympics this December! We know some of ya’ll can get competitive about being the best gift-giver so we’re here to help you win. This gift guide is for your girlfriends, mums, sisters, aunts or any woman in your life. 

Sometimes, to win the gifting Olympics, one gift isn’t enough. Which is why we love finding amazing gift sets in Singapore. You get multiple gifts at an affordable price tag, what’s not to love? So we’re making it extra fun at The WYLD Shop. You get to build your custom gift box for the girls in your life with the items you KNOW they’ll love. We’re not into a gift set that has random trinkets that aren’t picked from the heart. 

We’ve broken it into categories your girls may love and appreciate. But feel free to mix and match to build the ultimate Christmas gift set for your loved one. Start building your customised gift box in Singapore with these ideas!

Self-care Gift Set

4. Moom - the Daily Pack

Here’s the perfect Christmas gift set you’ll find in Singapore for the girl who’s ready to boost her well-being and incorporate mindfulness into her daily routine. The Chai Sunrise 3 Questions a Day Journal encourages her to reflect on her emotions while also giving her positive encouragement. 

Pair that with a crystal as she sets intentions while journaling. Choose what’s best for her: Amethyst relieves stress, apophyllite relaxes, rose quartz attracts love and green moss agate boosts self-esteem. Another addition to the journaling experience is a lit candle. The Innerfyre candles encourage positive affirmations as you burn them (it also has a tiny crystal hidden in the wax!). 

Lastly, well-being also includes your health and the Moom Daily Pack is filled with supplements that support immunity, muscles, nerve function and energy production. Gotta love a custom gift box that improves your girls’ mental, emotional and physical health!

Pleasure Gift Set 

5. MAHO Sensory Sticks

Here’s a cheeky one but she’ll thank you for it! This pleasure gift set is filled with everything she needs for the big O. Smile Makers always has our backs and you can choose from a range of colourful vibrators. We’ve got external pleasure toys and penetrative ones but we’re sure she’d appreciate any of them. Pair the toys with a lubricant for a smooth time. 

If she’s got a partner, add on the massage oil so your bestie can have the wild time. Top it off with some silky swipes to keep the cooch clean and happy after a hard day’s work. If you’re feeling extra generous, add on the Maho Sensory Sticks to unlock all senses for an exciting experience in the bedroom. 

Bath Gift Set

3. Mira Bar Soap, The Verdant Hand & Body Lotion

Having a bath is one of the best times of the day and we couldn’t create this gift guide without a body care gift set. Most bath gift sets all come in the same scent but at The WYLD Shop, you can choose which products your girlfriend will love for her hair care, skin care and body care routine. 

Face: Get her on the eco-conscious bandwagon with the reusable Oasis cleansing rounds. Get a clean face with an Oasis bar cleanser and relax with a clay mask after a long day. 

Hair: For sensitive scalps, Holistic Hair has natural shampoos and conditioners for shiny and healthy hair. Or let her try out a different kind of shampoo solid shampoos from Oasis. Keep the hair hydrated after a shower with WANT Skincare’s Hair Oil. 

Body: Pick up Mira’s all-natural soap bars filled with plant oils and herbs for refreshing, soft skin. Slather on some lotion to keep the skin supple after a bath with The Verdant Lab’s body lotion. 

Jewels Gift Set


If she likes a little bling bling on her neck, ears and fingers, pick and choose the jewels that best match her for a DIY custom gift box. Our clean and minimal Fugeelah necklaces are classy on the neck for the elegant lady in your life. If she’s a wacky one, browse our colourful Envet chokers and you’ll find something for her. 

When it comes to jewels on the ears, Just Gaya’s earrings really make a statement and the Bohème ones will make her feel bad and boujee. For some gems on the fingers, get her a THREEONETWOFIVE stone ring that has some cleansing properties for the soul. Get her all 4 if she needs a thorough cleanse. 

Accessory Gift Set

4. Kimono

The girls that love accessorising with hats, bags and headbands? This gift set’s for her. Fans are a unique accessory to add to her collection and the Sista & Co. ones have an added attitude to them! Luulaa has some gorgeous pearl-studded pieces for hair accessories that elevate an outfit while hiding a bad hair day. 

If you’re not sure what her style is, gift her something useful and versatile! Lucky for you, we’ve got Multi-way Picnic Bags that take the form of a picnic mat and a tote bag. We know, it’s magical! And for those beach days, add a kimono to the custom gift box for her to throw on over her swimsuit. 

Home Decor Gift Set

4. The Candleist Festive Candles

Here’s a Christmas gift set idea for the girl obsessed with her home. Accessories like coasters can add a personality to the home. If she’s modern and elegant, go for the Sage and Clare marble coasters. But if she’s wacky and quirky, the Pinyin Press Coasters are the one. 

One of our favs is the Pinyin Salt and Pepper Shakers. I mean come on, they’re adorable! And for a little festive touch, gift her a Christmas-inspired candle from The Candleist that she can light up while dancing to All I Want For Christmas. 

Wrap It Up

Yea, you can wrap up these gifts in your basic wrapping paper but we’re not basic at The WYLD Shop. Why not wrap these gift sets for her in a napkin or tea towel so it’s a 2-in-1 ‘wrapping paper’-cum-gift! Our Pinyin Press tea towels and Sage and Clare napkins are bound to seal the deal for first place at the gifting Olympics this December. 


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