Gift Guide For The Men In Your Life: Presents Under $120!

Well, well, well. It’s that time of the year again when we start racking our brains to find the perfect Christmas gift in Singapore. Why is it so much easier to buy a gift for the girls but when it comes to the men in our lives, we gotta consult Google with ‘what to buy guy for Christmas’? Honestly, it doesn’t feel great, does it? Gift-giving is supposed to come from the heart, not Google. But hey, we get it. We’ve done the whole Google thing before, which is why we’re giving you a cheat pass with this men’s gift guide. 

We’re still leaving it up to you to get the MAIN present for the man in your life, though. You know, it’s usually a new PlayStation, a leather wallet or fresh new kicks. Our gift guide is more for stocking fillers or the lead-up to the BIG ONE (no pressure there). The men in our lives deserve to be spoiled and we’d love to help you this festive season. Looking for gifts under $120? Get your Christmas gift for him in Singapore right here at theWYLDshop. 

The Cook 


How does it feel to be God’s favourite? If your man is the cook of the house, gurl, count your lucky stars and don’t ever let go of him. We love a man who can cook so we’ve got the goods to keep you fed. 

If you’re looking for a Christmas gift set for him in Singapore, look no further. We’ve got kitchen accessories that are hilarious yet functional. Are your oven mitts looking ragged? Check out the Mr Spicy Guy and I’ll Feed All You Fucker oven mitts. We’ve even got a matching dish towel for that! 

And if cleaning the kitchen gets your man going (we’re not judging, it’s kinda hot tbh), top it off with a multi-purpose spray cleaner to wipe down those greasy countertops. 

The Beach Boy 

1. Pinyin Press Sports Towel - Rainbao, $24/$38


Got a brother or a friend who practically lives at the beach? Take a look at these gifts for him. The Pinyin Press Sport Towel is great as a lounge towel as it’s super absorbent and works great for a workout sweat sesh. 

You can’t go to the beach without a pair of good-looking trunks and we’ve got a whole range for the boys. The Two Left Feet Swim Trunk have funky prints but sometimes that’s what gets the ladies and gents interested. Throw him these life floats if he’s drowning in the relationship department. 

And of course, you can’t make a trip to the beach without some sunnies and we’ve got loads to choose from. Get him some aviators from Lo and Behold and let him have his Top Gun moment. If he’s a little avant-garde, the transparent rectangular frames from Le Specs will do the trick. 

The Fashion Man 

1. Nala Men’s Shirt, $119


Living with a fashionista? Here’s a gift for guys for the Singapore weather and the best part? You can steal it from him. The Nala Men’s Shirts are luxurious, soft cotton satin, perfect for a tropical wardrobe. It looks great with a pair of shorts or jeans but it’ll probably look even better on you as a cover-up over your bikini. 

If you’re ever in doubt about gifts, buy socks. Who doesn’t need them? The Two Left Feet socks are for the men who aren’t afraid to experiment with fashion. They’re funky, bold and loud and look very stylish when pulled up high together with a pair of sneakers. You can also steal them from him but you already knew that. 

The Home Bo(d)y 

1. Pinyin Press Coasters - Lucky Cat, $18


If your man works from home or is a homebody, here are some home accessories that might be useful to him. Coasters are a must-have in any home unless you like water stains (you psycho). These Pinyin Press Coasters are functional and look great on the table. If your man usually forgets to put a coaster below his morning coffee, gift him these for a little passive-aggressive love. 

Spending lots of time at home can also get a little stale including the airflow. Diffusers are great to add fragrance to the room or set a relaxed mood after a long work day. A little pick-me-up for your man!

The Romantic

1. Smile Makers Massage Oil, $49.95


Who doesn’t love love? Here are some Christmas gifts you can get in Singapore that are just as much yours as they are his. Yea, we might be cheating a little but you can thank us later. These spicy gifts will get y'all in the moooood. You gotta love a sensual massage before getting down and dirty and the Smile Makers’ massage oils are gonna be your best friend. These are sensory oils that trigger sensual emotions so go ahead and drown yourself and your man in them. 

Adding on to the sensory experience are the Maho Sensory Sticks that set the mood in the room with their calming scents. Who says sex can’t be a form of meditation and relaxation, right? If you want to stick to the classic romantic candle, Riau’s hand-poured soy candle burns clean without nasty soot or ash so you can have fun without an asthma attack.

The Wellness Man

1. Chai Sunrise Weekly Planner, $35


As Christmas leads up to the new year, a lot of us yearn for a fresh start in 2023. That may include becoming in tune with yourself and taking care of your mental health. A lot of the time self-care is seen as ‘a woman’s thing’ but we know that’s completely false. Men also need to unwind and prioritise their mental, emotional and physical well-being. 

The Chai Sunrise Weekly Planner is a great way for him to set goals for 2023, pen down his thoughts and form better habits. If your man is keeping you awake at night with his insomnia, gift him some Moom Sleep Well supplements to get him a good night’s sleep.


We can't wait for the holidays! If you're looking for more gifts, come down to 412 Joo Chiat Road and pay us a visit. Or continue browsing right here

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