Say HÀI To Happy Vaginas: How to Enjoy a Swim Without Wrecking Your Lady Bits

Damn, what would we do without our vaginas? She’s such a complex but incredible miracle. Yes, she gives us a monthly blood bath but she also gives us pleasure and don’t forget, a whole ass human comes out from there. Like what?! Girls, we need to protect her and give her the love she needs. 

Here’s another superpower vaginas have — they’re self-cleaning. Vaginas are home to millions of organisms and good bacteria that keep them in balance. So if you’re scrubbing and douching her out, please stop. She doesn’t need your help with that. However, she still needs you to make sure the bad bacteria don’t come near. If you’re not giving her tender loving care, she’ll make you regret it with an itchy and painful infection. 

The vagina (internal) and the vulva (external) are very sensitive areas. Hold your pee a little longer than usual and you get a UTI. Wash her with the wrong soap and she’ll be looking like a swollen peach. Here’s an added problem you may not have heard about before: swimming. Yup, taking a dip in the pool or beach may make Ms. Cooch a little angry. But relax, it’s not the end of the world. There are solutions to this but let’s first understand why swimming messes with your vagina. 

How Swimming Affects Your Vagina

The beautiful vagina thrives in pH4-5 but when you get into a pool filled with chlorine or the sea with all sorts of bacteria, it could affect your cooch’s pH balance. Technically, water won’t actually flow into your vagina because the walls of the vagina are closed shut unless expanded. So wearing a tampon as ‘protection’ is only gonna make it worse! 

However, your swimwear absorbs the dirty chlorine water, which will irritate the skin around your vulva and your vagina. When you sit around in your damp swimwear, it creates a warm and moist place for bacteria to grow. 

That’s when you may experience any of these infections: 

Yeast infection: Your vagina naturally contains yeast but when put in warm and humid environments, the yeast will overgrow. You may experience itching, burning, swelling and cottage cheese-like discharge.

Bacteria vaginosis: An imbalance in pH can cause certain bacteria in the vagina to overgrow. This can cause itching, burning and a fishy odour.

Vaginitis: Vaginitis is an umbrella term for disorders that inflame the vagina. This may be caused by pH imbalance, bacteria overgrowth or irritants that come into contact with the vagina. 

Vulvitis: This affects the skin around the vulva. Irritants such as chlorine can cause your vulva to swell and itch if you have sensitive skin. 

So how do we prevent this from happening? Say HÀI to this incredible solution. 

HÀI Swimwear: Swimsuits for Women and Their Intimates 

Born in Taiwan, HÀI Swimwear is the baby of female-duo, Daphne and Bebe. The idea for HÀI began with the pair’s love for beach vacays where they usually spend time taking a dip in the beaches or lounging by a beach club. When it comes to undergarments, we choose ones that are gentle on our intimates. So Daphne and Bebe decided to apply the same concept to swimsuits for women, especially for the gals that refuse to wear anything else on their tropical holiday. 

But what exactly makes their swimwear gentle on our intimates? During the process of weaving the fabric, an anti-bacterial solution is applied to the fibre to prevent bacteria and mould from attaching to the fabric. This acts as an added protective layer to keep your vagina away from any lurking germs. The fabric on their swimsuits is also quick-drying so your intimates don’t have to sit in a damp environment for long. This antibacterial solution is gentle on the skin so you are not likely to have a reaction down there and they’re also environmentally friendly!

As women in their 30s, Daphne and Bebe know the quality and fit they want in their swimsuits so their line was created with a clear vision to design swimming suits for women. With a ‘for women, by women’ ethos, the HÀI Swimwear line promises high-quality fabrics and cuts that flatter all shapes. During their designing process, Daphne and Bebe consider different body types and choose cuts that hug in all the right places. It’s so easy to get caught up in your insecurities when wearing a swimsuit but the duo hopes to encourage self-love through a swimwear line that complements all women. 

More Intimate Care Tips 

Besides wearing super-drying swimwear from the HÀI collection, here are some other intimate care tips you can adopt after a dip.

1) Change out of your damp swimsuit immediately

If you’re not wearing HÀI, change out of your swimwear immediately after a swim as the damp environment will lead to infections. 

2) Gently dry your vulva with a dry towel

Keep her dry after your swim. It’s best to have a quick shower and pat her dry with a dry towel, not a damp one!

3) Wipe down your vulva with pH-balancing wipes 

If you don’t have a shower nearby, you can wipe her down with feminine wipes that are specially made for the vulva (don’t be stuffing them into your vagina please!). They don’t disrupt the pH levels or irritate the skin. You can try these wipes from SmileMakers!

4) Put on clean and breathable clothing and undergarments

Let the cooch breatheeee. Wear fabrics that don’t trap moisture such as cotton or linen. 

Where to Buy Swimwear in Singapore That’s Safe for Your Vagina

Antibacterial is sexy especially when it comes in a HÀI swimsuit! If you’re looking for beachwear in Singapore for a day at Tanjong Beach Club, we’re stocked with HÀI’s collection of one-piece and two-piece swimsuits. Minimal and clean, the HÀI designs are timeless and safe for your cooch because your girl deserves the best. 

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