How to Layer Up For Your Winter Holiday Without Looking Like a Puffer Fish

The end-of-year spirit and eager Christmas celebrations sometimes get us in the mood to… leave the country. I mean, with Singapore’s year-long sauna, some of us just need a break from sweating 365 days a year. But when it comes to winter, we tropical citizens may not know how to layer up for cold weather

Some countries may still experience fairly pleasant December weather as it isn’t the full brunt of winter yet, which shows up in January. Let’s be real though. If you’re used to the tropical heat, you’ll probably still suffer in the December winds. This means tons of layers and unfortunately, we just don’t look that cute when we wear 3 underwears, 4 T-shirts and a puffer jacket to top it off. We still want to look fashionable but warm, is that too much to ask? 

Well, your prayers have been answered. We’ll give you some layering tips and pieces to add to your winter clothes packing list. Think chic winter dresses, flowy skirts and adorable knit sweaters for varying winter intensities. Disclaimer! If you’re travelling to an exceptionally cold country this December like Canada, Switzerland or South Korea, embrace the puffer fish look because those winters are BRUTAL. We aren’t liable for your hypothermia!

Los Angeles: Mild winters with warm afternoons 


While we all know New York can get pretty cold, the other side of the American coast doesn’t get as chilly. Los Angeles has comfortable winters and you may even find their afternoons warm as they stay in the low 20s C. Nights may dip to 10°C so it’s good to have layers that you can take off and on. 

LA is also known for its casual fashion so the Nala Cupro Pants suit the vibe. If you get cold easily, wear some warm tights under those pants for extra coverage. For the top, stick to removable layers. Try on the Eva Tank Top with the Elsie Cupro Shirt halfway buttoned and tucked into the pants. Carry around a leather jacket and scarf for those chilly nights. Keep the feet warm with sneakers or Chelsea boots. 

Spain/Portugal: Pleasant, you won’t be freezing your tits off 


Portugal has pleasant winters with mild December temperatures of 15°C but it gets colder at night. In Spain, it varies depending on the city. Madrid gets pretty cold so we recommend bundling up with thick layers but Barcelona’s temperatures are quite similar to Portugal's. The Canary Islands are even warmer and can go up to 22°C.

Winter fashion for women can get pretty fun in these Southern European countries. To match the relaxed Spanish cities, why not throw on a frock? Some maxi winter dresses we love are the Stevie Maxi Dress and the Nala Cupro Midi Dress. For something less casual and more elegant, try on the Anya Wrap Front Midi Dress or the Maya Midi Dress. Keep warm with thick tights, thigh-high boots, a coat and a scarf for good measure. 

Italy: Tolerable daytime but nights… not so much 


In Italy, the farther North you go, the colder it’s gonna get. So if you’re going to Florence, Milan and beyond, wrap up well. Rome averages 10°C in the day and can dip quite a bit at night. If you go further down south to Naples or Sicily, it may rise to 14°C. These are pretty chilly temperatures but you can still look Italian chic with the right winter clothes

Italians are known for their clean and minimal style so you’ll fit right in with the Indrah Tencel Pants. Wear a thick pair of thermal tights under! For the tops, start with a thermal top, layer over the Elsie Cupro Shirt and then your favourite jumper with the shirt collar sticking out. Wear some boots and bring a coat or jacket with you when it gets too cold. 

Dubai: Summer disguised as winter


Okay fine, we might have cheated a little on this one. Dubai still has its winter seasons but it’s honestly barely winter weather. The highs stay at 26°C and the nights get a tiny bit chilly at 16°C. You can keep your tropical pieces for your Dubai winter clothes packing list but bring a couple of sweaters and light jackets along as well. 

Dubai is known for the glitz and glamour so you’ll want to dress to impress. Channel elegance in the Sofia Bias Slip Skirt and the Cyprus Knit Crop Top for those sunny afternoons. Slip into mini heels if you’re visiting a classy restaurant or Chelsea boots if you’re exploring the city. But when it gets chilly at night, layer on the elegant Cara Crochet Jumper to keep you warm in the desert winds. 

Taiwan: A nearby option to escape the tropics without freezing your ass off


A favourite for locals that don’t want to travel too far, Taiwan has pleasant winters without the extreme cold you’ll find in Japan or South Korea. The highs stay at 21°C and the city dips to 15°C at night. Taiwan is known for their typhoons but lucky for us, December is right outside of the typhoon season but that doesn’t mean you won’t expect rain. December is the least wet month but it still spits about 11 days of the month. 

You can experiment with more winter dresses in Taiwan and you can even try donning a mini dress like the Amaya Mini Dress. Throw on a jumper like the Cara Crochet Jumper over the dress when you’re outdoors. You can easily take it off if it gets too warm indoors. Wear some warm tights with waterproof boots on the feet and a scarf around the neck if you need an extra layer. 


If you’ve booked the tickets for your year-end holiday and wanna try on some winter clothes to look fashionable yet warm on your trip, come on down to 412 Joo Chiat Road for a cheeky visit or shop right here.

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