WYLD #localove Collab Part 1. The Lace Bralette by HerJuju

This series of WYLD collaborations are what I am calling #locallove. Singapore has opened up an entrepreneurial stratosphere of creative, driven and wonderful people that I am so blessed to have met and now get the opportunity to work with. So when selecting products or brands to feature on WYLD, I don't look immediately at the status quo of their social media (even though of course you look!), but I am more interested to meet with the brand owners and/or designers and listen to them share about their brand and products, understanding their WHY and then making the decision whether you guys will like them or not! 

Somehow, I have this feeling I may get addicted.... just like when I entered the Sunglasses industry "whoops"...  Even though my boobs are huge - my girls enjoy being comfortable and non-restricted by wires etc....and now and again as a Mummy, it's also nice to feel a little bit sexy....(even if I style my bralette under my oversized t-shirt worn with comfy tracky dacks)...  so without further a due, It's a pleasure to introduce our first cab off the rank and her name is HerJuju: She is a visionnaire, a hunter, a dreamer and a friend. 

The local Singaporean lingerie brand wants you to feel limitless in their comfy, soft handmade bralettes, we hope you do too! 

We are looking forward to having Terie the Founder and Designer with us at the Honeycombers Girl's Night Out event tonight - see you gorgeous ladies soon! 

HerJuju is a newly started company that produces beautiful bralettes and sleepwear that are individually hand stitched to cater to the comfort of women. The idea of HerJuju started when the founder, Terie Sim, was working as a cabin crew. Throughout her 5 years as an air stewardess, Terie would always find wired bras ridiculously uncomfortable when she was working back-to-back hours flying to different countries. Terie then discovered bralettes but was still unsatisfied, as Western-designed bralettes did not suit an Asian body with the structure of their cups and their vivid colours. Terie has since designed collections of affordable, fitted and comfy lingerie with muted colours; perfect for Singaporean women.

HerJuju has released a lovely collection, Oceans & Rocks, which is inspired by Terie’s love for nature and the beach. The fabrics chosen for the collection are delicate lace with earthy tones like grey and ocean blue, emulating the rocks and waters at the beach. The collection is designed for different shapes with the sizes ranging from UK 4-12 and cup sizes A-C.


HerJuju's Oceans & Rocks collection will be launching on our site on the 19th July. For first dibs, make sure to join the WYLD family and sign up to our mailing list (bottom right hand corner of our site) 

Have a beautiful evening! 

Love, kb xx

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