Festive Nails, Hair & Makeup To Rock This Christmas

You might be able to tell I'm a little obsessed with Christmas. It's definitely my fave holiday everrrr. I know some may think "isn't it a little early to think about my makeup for Christmas?" I say hell no sister, it's never too early to plan your glam look this festive season. Being a beauty addict myself, I have started planning my looks and I thought it would be helpful to share some of my inspo that I'm gonna rock this Christmas. You're welcome ;)

I normally like to keep my nails simple throughout the year but I mean come on, it's Christmas, simple is not in my dictionary during the festive season. I wanna be EXTRA AF. I'll be going for bright, bold colours ranging from red to green to glitzy gold! My favourite nail trend up till today is the accent nail which is when only one finger (usually the ring finger) is a different colour from the rest. I usually like to dip my accent nail in glitter because why not?

Elegance is what I'm going for when it comes to my hairstyle this Christmas and braids are gonna do the trick. I love the versatility of braided hair. You can wear it up, down, in a bun, french braid, dutch braid, the possibilities are endless! I personally think braids add a feminine and ethereal touch to your outfit (I mean have you seen Daenerys Targaryen's locks???).

I haven't decided if I'm going for a 'simple' look or a bold over-the-top makeup. When I say simple, I mean glitter eyeliner. I guess that's a little contradictory but that's as simple as it gets for Christmas. If you're not about that blending and packing on eyeshadow life, stick with a winged liner but because it's Christmas, make that a glitter winged liner. You don't have to bother with eyeshadow because darling, that glitter is gonna make you pop!

The classic Christmas makeup; gold eyes and a red lip. This look might need some blending skills and patience so if you're up for it, it's time to slayyy. It takes 4 simple steps to nail the eyes: first use a brown matte shade and blend it into your crease and darken up the outer corner, second pack on the gold onto the middle of your lid, next line your eyes (a cat eye for that extra sass), lastly give your lashes some love with lots of mascara or because we're extra, glue those falsies on. Of course the look is not complete with a dark, luscious, berry pout. Gorg!

A video tutorial for extra help!


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