More local love: new Singapore brands arrive at The WYLD Shop

We know you can’t get enough of new arrivals – and hey, neither can we! So we’re super happy to announce that we’re welcoming three new local brands to the WYLD fam: Butter, a brilliant new activewear label, Moom wellness supplements and Li Na Lay Nar, a handmade accessories brand offering amazing crochet bags. So now there’s even more for you to explore in our lifestyle store – but of course we have to give you a little sneak peek here…

Handmade crochet bags by Singapore brand Li Na Lay Nar at The WYLD Shop
Handmade crochet bags by Li Na Lay Nar,
with colours exclusive to The WYLD Shop

Li Na Lay Nar

Now this we love: mother-daughter team Lina and Geraldine have launched the small and beautiful bag label, Li Na Lay Nar. We’re especially obsessed with special, hand-made pieces, so much respect goes to Lina, who crochets these beauties by hand all by herself.

Made in classic and modern shapes (think baguette bags and boxy totes) with some eye-popping colours thrown in the mix, the collection ranges from $118 to $168. Combined with chunky chains and crocheted rope handles that are interchangeable, or styles featuring hoop handles, each piece is something special. Even more unique, Li Na Lay Nar has created some exclusive colourways, just for The WYLD Shop.

We have a super limited range in-store –  because good things take time! But heads up, we have our eye on one of those U Totes for ourselves, so you might have some competition. 

 Butter Piper Bra and Classic Leggins in hot sauce colour at The Wyld Shop
Butter Piper Bra, $54, and Classic Leggings, $78 in Hot Sauce


If activewear or athleisure wear has made its way into your wardrobe for those times even when you know you ain’t going to the gym, you need to know about homegrown brand, Butter. With a core collection of signature styles including sports bras, leggings and bike shorts, the brand uses performance fabric BaseCore, which is high compression for essential support and sweat-wicking, to keep you cool – a lifesaver during intense workouts and getting active outdoors when it can get sweltering. 

We’re into the limited-edition pastel colours in the current collection, but who can resist a spicy red colourway called ‘Hot Sauce’? We have to shout about this too: sizes range from XXS to XXL. Hell yes to activewear brands being size inclusive and celebrating our bodies the way they are. Come check out Butter in-store and we’ll help you find your perfect fit. 

 Moom debloat women’s health supplements at The WYLD Shop
Moom women’s health supplements are now at The WYLD Shop



Finally, a wellness brand that knows women in Asia have unique health needs – and that traditional Ayervedic wisdom and modern science can work in synergy. We’ve brought Moom into the WYLD mix because we’re big on supporting all aspects of our lives – and that means our physical and mental wellbeing as well as injecting as much joy into our world through the little things. Moom is also a female-founded company (launched by sisters Mili and Maya Kale) as well as being a Singapore local brand that champions women’s health –  so it’s ticking all our boxes!

Moom takes a personalised approach to supplements: this isn’t the one-size-fits-all model as your focus could be overall health, gut issues or managing stress. WYLD has Moom’s curated packs on board, including The Skin Pack to promote healthier, clearer skin, The Calm Pack, which helps regulate cortisol and minimise the effects of stress on the body, The Daily Pack, to support your immunity and energy production, and Debloat, for digestive relief.


Shop these newcomers at The WYLD Shop online – and, of course, we always love seeing you in person so visit us at our Joo Chiat boutique to check them out!

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