Kb's WYLD COVID-19 Coping Strategy

Afternoon WYLDones, 

How are you all doing?

What a crazy crazy time we are living in right now. It's almost like a dream... well more like a dreamy nightmare. Have found myself walking around & doing the most normal day to day things and then the realisation hits me... And I guess this has been one of my personal main coping mechanisms. Trying to keep things as normal as possible.... We are extraordinarily lucky to be living in Singapore during this global crisis and I am not taking for granted the fact that the SG Government has (from the beginning) been so proactive in putting into place measures to protect the country and its people as best they know how, which has allowed for us to still be experiencing a degree of normality. While with an extremely heavy heart, I know other parts of the world are certainly battling this on a much tougher scale.  

I have been trying to keep things as normal and as upbeat in my household as possible, partly because I have 4 year old, and although he is very clued on and intuitive there really is no point (in my view) disrupting his precious little happy world unnecessarily. Again, not taking for granted the fact that his school unlike many others is still open, and that they have been extremely vigilant and always pass on information and new guidelines set by the MOH. Secondly, I do not want to bring the mood down for the rest of the family. Although my husband and I have had heated arguments about different issues regarding the crisis, my aim is to ensure that there is a constant positive vibe. We are world's apart from our families as is our helper, so we try as best we can to keep up the laughter and joyful mood. 

I have also tried to keep this vibe happening within our WYLD world, at the shop - making sure we are serving you with a positive attitude, during meetings - making contingency plans in a confident manner and finding creative fun ways to stay connected with you guys, our WYLDones - our customers, our everything!! ♥♥♥ We absolutely love being part of the Joo Chiat Hood and we miss seeing you!! So we will be making some fun styling videos and going LIVE more - so that we can keep in touch and share with you our new arrivals and all that's happening in our WYLD world!

Another way I have tried to stay mentally balanced is not to over consume with too much information. We, in this current world are inundated with an overwhelming load of information and it is imperative that we limit ourselves, because for the already anxious, an absorption of an excessive amount of negative material will only exacerbate your anxiety - which can lead you down a dark path, that no one belongs on. A solution for coping with your anxiety would be to write or type out how you are feeling about the crisis (or just in general).  By off-loading your frustrations, fears and/or positive/negative energy digitally or on good ol' pen and paper as it may help and could be a therapeutic way to calm yourself. Our beautiful new intern, Lusha has happily shared her feelings with us. 

"During this time of uncertainty and unrest in the world, I have felt the sudden flare up of my anxiety that has mostly under wraps for years. The state of the world right now is stressful for everyone and  the self quarantine/isolation that has been put in place has a significant impact on those who suffer from mental illness, myself included. While at home, I have felt incredibly secluded from social interaction and the things that in my everyday life, make me feel sane. My thoughts about this virus have been running wild and being stuck inside, although its necessary, has been detrimental to my mental state, as to many others. The main focus during this time for myself, has been self care and recuperation. Although being busy and productive while working from home is the goal, it is ok to take time to calm your thoughts and read a book or watch a movie. This past week I have been spending countless hours scrolling through social media, with every second post being about the Coronavirus. This negativity filling my brain is slowly making me spiral into anxious patterns, that at one stage controlled my life. This week I have started to make a conscious effort to make notice of my anxious thoughts and turn them into constructive efforts to  fuel a productive day. I've noticed that the process of getting up and starting my day, all while being isolated at home has caused me to fall back into bad habits and anxiety fuelling behaviours.

This virus has taught me to not take things for granted and to be incredibly grateful for the necessities that not everyone has. I am so grateful to have a roof over my head and food on the table, especially for my family who keep me grounded at times when I can get easily overwhelmed. Take this time, to do something for yourself, hold your family close, and remain positive" ~ LL

I really appreciate Lusha sharing, as it's not only challenging for her dealing with the fact her anxiety is being ignited by the current situation but that she has allowed me to share her thoughts. I hope that for those of you out there who are anxious, that writing might bring you a sense of calm. 

Another, thing I have tried to keep up with is my exercise routine, again, blessed that my Muay Thai Gym, Inspire Fitness is still open ( when I know loads of other places have temporarily closed) and I can attend classes. Moving your body and getting that heart pumping is essential to staying mentally strong!! So please get outside on your balcony or walk to a wide open space like a field or park and if you're lucky enough to live near East Coast Parkway - get to the beach and do some star jumps! In one of the next blog posts we'll share some cool new SAH Work-Outs we've found on insta! Peeps are sure getting creative at home - so watch out for our list! 

And, lastly the one thing that I do everyday of my life regardless of what day it is, at some point I practice gratitude. It keeps me grounded, it keeps me rational & it keeps me happy. I mention it to others, I talk about it and I write about it because ultimately, no matter who you are or where you are from, there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for, it could be the smallest most minuscule thing....because "Gratitude turns what we have into enough" ~ Melody Beattie. Always remember there will always be people with more than you and there will always be people with less...♥♥♥

So just to recap : WYLD C-VID Coping Strategy 

1. Try to keep your life as normal as possible with an upbeat positive vibe. ( for those who've households have been turned upside down because schools are closed and parents WFH - this can be intensely difficult but I guess working out a new routine / schedule could benefit - will share some ideas on this, on a future blog post. 

2. Do NOT over-consume negative content or general content for that matter. 

3. Start a thoughts and feelings journal.Try off-loading your thoughts and feelings onto paper or typing them in your phone / computer.

4. Don't stop moving!!! Exercise, get your heart pumping and get some fresh air ( if this is possible) in your backyard, on your balcony, at a nearby park or walk on the beach (while social distancing of course). 

5. Practice Daily Gratitude - say it out loud, share it and ask others what they are grateful for in their day. If you have access to food and water, a roof over your head, something to sleep on and you and your family members are in good health, you're winning at life right now! 

This is an extremely unsettling, challenging time for everyone. This pandemic has affected most likely every person on the planet in one way or another and most people do not like or cope well with change. But the reality is, the universe is giving humanity a kick right up the butt and is forcing change upon us. You can decide only for yourself how you will let this affect you and your family. 

Thank you again WYLDones for your ahhmazingness and support. I hope that you remain healthy, safe, positive and happy - continue to Live WYLD live free, with the confidence to dream and be who you want to be!!! Please remember we are all in this together, please be kind to yourselves and each other. "This too shall pass"..

With love as always...have a beautiful weekend. 

Kb ♥♥♥












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