Valentines Day Gift Ideas

At The WYLD Shop, the love for curating gift ideas for Valentine's Day and Galantine's Day runs deep but this year During LOVE Month, we are for the first time truly wanting to take the time to focus on opening up conversations about love in all it's diversity. Love lost, love gained, love made or love that may have been betrayed. Aiming to share some raw written stories from our WYLDones' in the coming weeks as an introduction to a series of writings that we hope will be an interesting, insightful or maybe even an inspiring read. Our intention is to open up hearts and allow whatever feels right to flow out, flow through or pour in, as we act as a safe space (as always) to be creative, entertaining, to build confidence and to show any amount of vulnerability that feels comfortable.  

We believe in the power of thoughtful gestures and we're passionate about creating gifts that cater to diverse tastes and relationships. For Valentine's Day, we understand the significance of expressing love, whether it's for a romantic partner or a cherished friend. That's why we meticulously curate options ranging from self-care indulgences to unique gifts for your significant other or your closest gal pals. Each item is handpicked to evoke joy, warmth, and a sense of connection, transforming these special occasions into moments of shared appreciation and care. Because at WYLD, we believe that every expression of love is worth celebrating in a way that's as unique as the relationships themselves.

Below are 3 Carefully Curated Valentines Day Gift Sets our Crew put together - 2 of which have Customisable components! Wishing you a beautiful Love Month ahead!

With love as always, 

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Gorgeous Gift Set $118.00

This gift set includes:
 Nefertum Perfume (UP $54.90)
Bluemolly Lip Crayon (UP $30.50)
Three One Two Five Blossom Heart Earrings (UP $45) 
In collaboration with Singaporean Jewellery Designer, Caroline Justine of Three One Two Five. 
valentines day gift ideas perfume with earrings and vegan lip crayon
threeonetwofive jewellery valentines gift ideas


Sweet Dreams Gift Set $85

 This gift set includes:
 Moom Sleep/Well  (UP $43.90)
Smilemakers Surfer (UP $30.25)
Smilemakers Generous Gel (UP $20)

Self-Love Gift Set $125 

This gift set includes:
 Poplin Self-Love Journal Set  (UP $67)
Innerfyre Affirmation Candle (UP $40)
Nala Katsuri Pencil Case (UP $28)


customisable valentines day gift ideas singapore online shopping 

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