In My WYLDest Dreams #5

 In My WYLDest Dreams Singapore Internship Experience

Hey WYLDones!

 As with any job, there are weeks where you experience ups and downs. I emphasize downs because unfortunately I didn’t start last week off on the best note, but thankfully I adopted the “I’m just learning, take it in your stride” kinda attitude and soldiered on! To explain… I made a bit of a boo boo... I was completing a task and it just didn't click in my head at that moment to “double check” !!! So moral to my story…..even if you think you've done something correctly - best to "double check your work" and that it is ok to make mistakes as long as we learn from them ;)) ( trust me I WON'T be making the same mistake again!!) 

As the week progressed, I forgot about my little mistake and continued working on my blog articles:

  • Perfect Date Outfit For Any Occasion
  • How to Style: Culottes

The one on date night was super fun to write because thinking of date venues and assembling entire outfits together was exhilarating. Keep an eye out for them as they may be super duper useful for those facing a genuine crisis like me!!!

We usually have at least 2 meetings to attend each week and one meeting we went to was held at a place called Tin Hill Social (located near Turf City) a beautiful al fresco restaurant, to discuss a potential collaboration. (It was quite funny how the attendees of the meeting kept ordering drinks round after round HAHA... I am sure the colab will be a fun one - so stay tuned for more updates) As usual, these business discussions are very informative and insightful to me because they pay so much attention to every small detail (even those seemingly dismissible ones).

Since Kara and Loo were travelling to Australia in the following week, I needed to get things in order! That’s when I realized good organisation skills are highly important to keep track of progress as well as preparing sufficient time to complete necessary work.

Before Kara left for Sydney, I helped her do some merchandising and styling in the showroom, it helped me to become more familiar with our products and initially, I thought I was pretty good at creative styling but this exercise couldn’t prove me more wrong! Because I'm still very new to the fashion industry, I have yet to possess a professional eye for matching clothes like Kara, whom has had years of exposure and experience. Thankful for this internship as it constantly inspires me to keep a keen eye and think outside of the box!! :)

Until next week WYLDones.. Have a terrific week ahead!



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