Perfect Date Outfit For Any Occasion

Be it a first date with the eye candy you’ve fancied for months or the 10000th date with your significant other, we should always carry the “dress to impress” mentality because who doesn’t wanna look good for their boo? ;)

However, the anxiety-inducing thought: “what-do-I-wear” never fails to lurk and plague the minds of females everywhere! Been there, done that. This relentless dilemma or should I say, spontaneous wardrobe meltdown can be incredibly nerve-wrecking but luckily, nothing too difficult to resolve *phew*

TheWYLDshop presents to you some simple pointers on how to ace your first date, as well as, keep the flame alive for couples in long-term relationship! :)

(1) Cute Picnic Date

Casual Picnic Date Outfit

If you’re running out of ideas on what to do for date night or attempting to be thriftier, we suggest that a cute picnic date is definitely the way to go!! Grab some local favorites at Satay by the Bay or prepare a romantic pot-luck at the Singapore Botanic Gardens, this date idea will always feel super adorable and extremely thoughtful. Doll yourself up in this feminine off the shoulder romper that is both sexy and too cute to resist!!

(2) Fearless Adventure Date

Sporty Date Outffit

If you and your partner are feeling venturesome and desire to escape the mundane modern city life, we say: GO FOR IT. Whether you decide to go trekking in Macritchie or cycling through the lush forest of Pulau Ubin. This floral ruffle top with its matching shorts is the perfect fit for an adventure packed day of trekking, cycling and whatnot! Furthermore, the 100% rayon material makes this outfit easy breezy under the scorching Singapore sun.

(3) Sexy Beach Date

Beach Date Bikini

Lock your man down with just 3 simple words: “2 piece swimwear”. Which hot blooded, hormone raging male can say no to the sexy allure of bikinis?? If you and your man candy decide to go tanning at Sentosa Beach or enjoying a fun-filled day at Adventure Cove, we suggest going ALL THE WAYY by looking a little wild in our bold leopard and paisley printed Minkpink bikini. Just team it with a baby pink sun hat and gladiators for maximum coolness ;)

(4) Morning Brunch Date

Morning Brunch Date Outfit

Don’t we all live for late morning sleep-ins especially on the weekends? If you and your boyfriend aren’t morning people, don’t bother with early breakfasts and just settle for a blissful brunch date at the various al fresco dining venues like Tin Hill Social or Open Farm Community! In this sexy meets sweet dress, the crème light pink colour is a lot more subdued which gives off minimalist-chic vibes, yet, it still retains the essence of poised elegance. This brunch date dress that subtly shows off a figure hugging silhouette is sure to give any guy a wake up call!!!

(5) Evening Sunset Date

Casual Date Dress

What is more romantic than a sunset stroll with your loved one along the ‘kampong’ Changi Boardwalk or the “atas” Keppel Bay? If you’re afraid of overdressing on a casual first date, you could always play it down in this comfortable off the shoulder, sun-kissed dress! This loosely fitted dress makes you appear modest but continues to hint a playful, flirty nature with its cheeky exposure of your neck and shoulders! Feel his eyes all over you as you saunter down the beautiful boardwalks. Who said the sunset was the only view around? ;)

(6) Fancy Dinner Date

Sexy Dinner Date Dress

Whether we like to admit it or not, the truth is… we girls love to feel lavished and spoilt by our boyfriends once in a while (more like…all the time HAHA). During occasions like the (a) Fateful First Date (b) Important Anniversary (c) Valentine’s Day, men feel the stress of their wallets while women feel the stress of their wardrobe! So what qualifies for a fancy dinner date dress? It could be the usual LBD or if you’re the more daring sort, go BIG in this fiery red bodycon dress that shows off all the right curves! The detailed thigh-high and side cut-outs further spices the entire date outfit! Be prepared for a steamy night ahead *winks*

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