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If you're facing some dilemma in finding places for your very next Instagram shoot...FEAR NOT!!! For I have carefully curated 7 of the most instagrammable places that you should definitely visit to get your AH-MAZING #ootds!!

All the photos below are taken from my account: @Alexis_097 and I truly hope it gives you guys some ideas on where to go/what to do :))

(1) Singapore National Gallery

Singapore National Gallery Instagram

It’s probably the most overused instagram location EVER. But unless you’re a hippie who absolutely detests how “basic” it has become, I would definitely say it’s a must go if you’ve yet to step into this beautiful and modern post-colonial architecture. Be creative with camera angles to get some iconic shots :)

(2) Art Science Museum

Art Science Museum Instagram

Another trendy museum that is widely popular amongst Singaporeans now. The digital exhibition [FUTURE WOLRD] features stunning and dynamic light installations - from beautiful floral, calming waves, majestic waterfalls to even celestial space. Get in touch with your artistic side by capturing every breathtaking moment!!

(3) Pulau Ubin

Pulau Ubin Instagram

Love everything vintage? Take a step back into the past by visiting what is often considered the “last” Kampung village in modern Singapore! Take the most adventurous photos and appear bold, fearless & wild as you explore the island on choppy bumboats and bicycles!!

(4) Coney Island

Coney Island Instagram

Quite similar to Pulau Ubin, except (much much much) more accessible. Coney Island offers luscious greenery, abundant flora and diverse wildlife. What makes it a terrific instagram place for nature lovers/sports enthusiast is its endless rows of sky-high trees that vaguely resemble the trees along the Great Ocean Road!! *Impressive*

(5) Chinese Japanese Garden

Chinese Japanese Gardens Instagram

On the top of my head, I would definitely say this is one of my FAVE places for an instagram shoot! The tranquil sanctuary looks like a slice of ancient china with a Zen Japanese ambience. Photos taken at this traditional respite has a completely different vibe from every other #ootd. Why conform to the norm? HAHA

(6) Tanglin Hill Brunei Hostel

Tanglin Hill Brunei Hostel Instagram

This 50 year old abandoned hostel is notorious for its haunting presence and eerily compelling exterior. It has become the attraction ground for instagrammers looking to capture the “grunge” or “rebellious” vibe with its overgrowth of urban decay and messy graffiti. [**However, it is off-limits to the general public and trespassers are arrested. To those daredevils that would kill for the perf shot, go at your own risk by climbing over the gate! I mean… YOLO right??]

(7) Uncle Ringo

Uncle Ringo Instagram

Uncle Ringo Funfair Carnival is one of the very few local entertainments that have remained truly authentic in this ever-changing lion city. If you’re at any of their seasonal set-ups, it’s a def must to snap some magical shots on the radiant carousel or in front of their vivid game booths! Be shameless and just strike a pose amongst the crowd to recreate the dreamlike carnival effect that we often see in American films!!

[BIG THANKS to my awesome friend @cottoncandace for taking the most amazing shots of me 80% of the time!!]

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