Celebrity Fashion Icons Age 20 and Under

The young and famous have definitely made a mark in the fashion scene with their fun, fearless and sometimes feisty get-ups. These teens are just bursting with youthful energy as every outfit is packed with a punch!! Although they’re young in age, there is a sophisticated maturity about their style and no matter YOUR age, this bevvy of confident talented beauties can become a source of inspiration.

Check out some of the top fashion trends championed by some of your favorite style icons! And follow them on insta to see their daily low down.

@Zendaya (20 years old)

Zendaya Fashion

If there’s one word to describe Zendaya Coleman, the word is “SLAYYY”. This “Dancing with the Stars” celebutante and Disney heartthrob is a triple threat that ACTS. SINGS. DANCES. To me, she is the epitome of a fashion rockstar that absolutely KILLS everything she wears!! From ethereal elegance in the simplistic slinky dress to stunning sophistication in the exotic red-black outfit, Zendaya never fails to own what she’s got!! That’s why she’s my no.1 teen style icon *swoons*

@WillowSmith (16 years old)

Willow Smith Fashion

Daring and fearless, Willow smith is unafraid to test boundaries and challenge limits when it comes to style! Her fashion-forward thinking is represented in her iconic “genderless” sense of beauty that has raised eyebrows at several occasions BUT managed to catch the critical eye of Karl Lagerfield to become Chanel’s newest ambassador!! You know you’ve made it when you’re with Chanel ;)

@HaileeSteinfeld (20 years old)

Hailee Steinfield Fashion

Don’t underestimate her young age, but this girl is packed with a powerful voice…AND…a powerful sense of style. Decked up in chic vintage outfits, she is a fashion icon that cannot be missed out! Don’t you feel that Hailee channels Great Gatsby style vibes in her modern vintage clothing that have the most gorgeous detailing??

@IamBeckyG (19 years old)

Becky G Fashion

Becky From The Block totally rocks the Girl-Next-Door look in her cute, casual crop tops and fav printed shorts/skirts! This singer cum rapper spells DOUBLE-TROUBLE with her sultry eyes that give a seductive smize and her curvaceous figure that she certainly loves to flaunt!! (I mean, look at that… who could blame her??)

 @DinahJane97 (19 years old)

Dinah Jane Hansen Fashion

This bronze beauty from Fifth Harmony is theWYLDshop’s celebrity icon because her street style fashion is not only on fleek but easy to replicate into our daily #ootd as well!! Dinah knows just how to keep her outfits simple YET full of personality! Its either in her fiery ombre hair or killer corset heels, there’s always something that makes her style more outstanding than the rest :D

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